Friday, October 30, 2009

Frugal Fashionista Friday

Don't do anything weird around here, or it's bound to end up on the blog.

Some of you may know that my husband is an avid woodworker. In order for little visitors to join him in the shop, they have to be "fully decked out" in safety gear. (Dress and T-shirt from garage sale $1.00)
My style is a little more "Boho" on this day. See the cool hat and fingerless gloves? They were a sweater last week. It's that crazy hat pattern that I designed but have no idea how to publish!

Shirt $3.50/ Jeans $1.00 and shoes: free Keen giveaway.

Even though JEN is letting us down by not having us LINK up, she has a good fashion show going on today. Have a happy weekend!


Jenny P. said...

Still loving those hats. I think I like the former sweater one even better than the scottish versions -- though they're all absolutely awesome.

Happy weekend!

Jen@Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

Too cute...those hats are fun.
Did I let you down? So sorry. I do the link up about once a month. I started doing it more often, but then it was too much "pressure" for everyone to link up every week. :) Count on it again in November. :)

Organizing Mommy said...

Jenny: the sweater one turned out cool. I took the neck of the sweater as the band for the head! I wish you could feel the softness. I end up wearing this in the evening when I'm chilly. My poor hubby has forgotten what my head looks like--LOL.

Becky said...

My 12 year old would love those gloves. We bought her a pair for Christmas last year that were 2-in-1, fingerless over the fingerd gloves, and she ended up taking them apart and wearing the fingerless ones all the time. I did a little shopping this week at the thrift store and didn't spend more than $5 on anything ($3.50/ea for most of it), and that included a dress that still had the tags on it. I love finding things like that.

Mrs. Parunak said...

That picture of E is too cute!!!

And your hats are great.