Sunday, October 25, 2009

Marching Orders

This weekend I was privileged to sit under the ministry of a man who devoted his earlier years to serving the Lord in Africa. There were many things that impressed me, but one of the things that both my husband and I talked about afterward was his ability to get so much done. He built buildings, started churches, carried supplies etc. basically by his own hands.

How did he get so much done?

I'm not entirely sure, but I believe it had something to do with the exhortation he gave us somewhere in the midst of his messages:

When you get up in the morning, go to your knees and get your "marching orders" for the day. Commit to doing the Lord's will and not your own.

So I tried it.

No great lightbulbs went on.

Maybe I should do it again.

So, then I thought: I'll just do what I know needs to be done. So, I got up and read my Bible while snuggling with Emily. She goes from lap to lap in the morning, as we are reading our Bibles.

When that was done, I got dressed and cleaned my room. Here again, nothing special. I always pick up the bedroom, make the bed, and put things away in the morning.

And it occurred to me that we as homemakers have it kind of hard if we are looking for some specific big revelation about what to do each day. So, much of what we have to do is right there in front of us. It generally involves: kids, food, laundry, and stuff.

But what the marching orders may be is something other than a specific command about what to do or not to do, but the spirit in which to do it.

There isn't much joy in loading the dishwasher, unless Jesus is in it.

Can I make my bed for the glory of God?

Will the ordering of my day reflect a joy in Him?

I think it can, and it should.. now that I've gotten my marching orders...

I am joining Nan from Moms the Word for Making my Home Sing Monday.


Tracey said...

What a great thought! So often it is the spirit with which I serve my family that makes all the difference. If only I could keep in mind that, as I do it "unto the least of these", I am doing it unto Him.

MommaMindy said...

Great reminder, sister. I agree that the spirit in which we do things is crucial to the well-being of all souls involved. The message made me think about listening to the Spirit's voice. There are times where the Lord tells you to put aside one of the obvious things you need to do as a mom to call someone, make a meal for someone else, drop an email of encouragement, etc. I know you do these things often and well. :) That, too, I think, is part of the "marching orders" for the day, when the Lord marches us in a direction led by the Spirit of God.

Organizing Mommy said...

Mindy: I agree! And I was expecting something like that: call this person, or go here.. and today it was stay home and do what's on the list.. And it's all good. I am willing either way, Lord! I am more likely to want to be spontaneous instead of what needs to be done, if you know what I mean. My kids won't admit it, but they love a day when the house is picked up, bread is made, lunch is obvious, and all of that. LOL

Tracey: I am trying to do it unto the least of these!

Mrs. Santos said...

Great post!

momstheword said...

Awesome post! Just an excellent reminder that whatever we're doing for our family, we're doing it for the Lord. We should be serving them with joy because we're serving Him!

I'm afraid I have been a little lax in serving my family lately....guess I'd better go get busy around here.

Thanks for linking up!

Becky said...

Great thoughts here. It's easy for those of us who stay at home to think we are not doing enough for our Lord. After all, we're just doing the laundry and making supper, and wiping noses - right? But God's call for us is in our families, with occasional outreaches for extended family and friends (or maybe strangers). When I get tempted to get more involved because "I'm not doing anything for God.", in addition to reminding myself that my work with my family is working for God, I also remind myself that there are seasons for everything. Right now my season is full of raising my children, but when they are grown I will be in a different season where I'm sure God will have something else for me to do.

Deborah said...

This post goes along very well with the book I am reading on prayer! Thank you!


Mrs. Parunak said...

Oh wow! This is a FABULOUS POST. Thank you so much.

kristilea said...

I often forget in the boredom of everyday tasks, that I am supposed to be doing it "as unto the Lord". I look at some things as a chore, and not a priveledge from God. I know I would be much happier on those "hard" days if I could keep things in the right perspective. The perspective that God told me to have!

Erin said...

My own "marching orders" have me away from the computer more these days, but I just had to let you know how much I loved this post. It was absolutely what I needed to read today. Thank you.