Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So embarassed

I knew it would happen sooner or later. It was bound to happen. really.

So, I go ahead and post as the guest tackler for 5 minutes for mom. Remember that I used to be the "resident tackler" but quit because I was such a spazz? er.. couldn't upload the photos in the proper format and felt guilty for making them work extra hard (as if those girls could possibly work harder than they already do!) trying to re-format all my photos.

So, I wrote a guest tackle and submitted it in.. July? It must have been on a day when I felt very peppy and organized or something. So, it gets published on Tuesday. Here it is.

Ugh.. First of all, Thursdays are still somewhat sanctified in my mind, even though I have started going to ballet pilates on Thursdays. And I stay home on Fridays (if possible).

Second of all, my bedroom looked like WWIII on the day it posted. We just got back from our Yooper trip Monday night, and everything was everywhere, and I was too tired to clean up the piles before going to bed. Then I had to rush around and get everybody up to Hallstrom on Tuesday morning. So, everything stayed cluttery for a while.

And thirdly and most unfortunately, I failed to have my time with the Lord that morning also! Boo hoo.

I was tired, exhausted, overwhelmed and well... embarrassed. Good for me, I guess, eh?

On the happy side of things, the family did a blitz last night and got this place cleaned up pretty well. I managed to pick up the bedroom and at least get the clutter put away, and I read my Bible this morning. But I'm still tired!

I feel like the whole house needs Mr. Clean to come in and ride his broom around and make it sparkle. Unfortunately, the only one riding a broom is me, and it's been parked all day. I managed to teach pilates this morning, barely.

On the good side, (there's always a good side) none of the kids are sick, everyone is safe, we have enough food to eat and tomorrow is Thursday!! The weather is beautiful, and we will get a lot done tomorrow and I picked up this wonderful book called Heaven by Randy Alcorn.

The book is about 1 1/2 inches thick and chock full of encouraging thoughts about heaven. His perspective is totally encouraging. I have no idea if he's right or wrong, since I've never been to heaven before. And I've never studied it in the Bible like he has. So, his perspective is better than mine, but I have no idea if he's right.

I had to chuckle though... (you know me, I always find something funny)... On the jacket cover, in his promo, it says "Randy Alcorn is a leading authority on heaven..." I'd like to think that the most uneducated lowly believer who has spent even one minute in heaven is probably more of an authority than Randy Alcorn; nevertheless, I know what they mean. It just sounded funny to me. Here's a guy who writes volumes on something that he's never experienced. He is a leading authority on it, even. Do the saints in heaven laugh at this? He's even developed "Eternal Perspective Ministries"... because we are not eternally perspectived enough. And I will say this. It made me think more about heaven just by reading the book. So, thanks Randy for making us think about: heaven!


Becky said...

I'm not chuckling at you, I promise. I'm just having flashbacks. Several days ago I blogged about having one of my contented days (one of those where no one is fighting, the laundry isn't falling out of the laundry room door, school went well, AND I remembered to take something out of the freezer before 4:00), and just as I finished, two of the girls come screaming, "MOOOOOOM!!" through the house. It always happens like that.

sara said...

I think it's nice that you didn't even have to tell us but you did.

Ruby said...

Yes, I think you were very honest too!
Let's face it you wrote it months ago. We have the best laid plans but sure enough they go astray!
Perhaps you could change your blog to Organized Some Days :-) that is the reality for most of us!

Mrs. Parunak said...

I, too, love your honesty! And I totally identify. When I get back from a trip, I need at least one, if not two days of doing nothing else just to get everything unpacked, laundered, and put away.

Kathryn said...

When Mr. Clean shows up . . . could you direct him my way when he's done at your place. :) LOL

Always love yours posts & honesty. I haven't the excuse of children for my messes.

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

children and mess just go together! That book sounds quite interesting but I know what you mean about writing about something he hasn't experienced!
Love Collette xxxx

Berean Wife said...

"Randy Alcorn is a leading authority on heaven..."

I was an authority on parenting until the Lord gave me children. :)

Berean Wife

P.S. Here is something to laugh about the word verication was "beerprom" !?

Organizing Mommy said...

Yeah.. I was a leading authority on everything until I had children!