Friday, October 16, 2009

Weekend Crafts: crayons reinvented..

I can not take credit for this original idea. It came from the Craft Apple. Go there for instructions. But it was sure a hit!

If you have old crayons, this is a perfect craft to get the scraps used up and make something beautiful at the same time. First, you gather up the crayons. Peel off the paper and break them into smallish pieces. We broke our crayons into three pieces. If you have those very large kindergarten crayons which don't break easily, you have to pound them with the back of a spoon to break them up.
Target has the bakeware that has cars or butterflies. You could use any type of cake pan that is oven proof.
You bake the cars for 250* for 25 minutes or so. Don't stir the crayons as they start to melt.
All the variegated effects are nice! I even tried mixing soap blobs with crayons. They were a little harder to get out.
So, you could make little soap cars too. I think I know what we are giving out for gifts this year! Oh, and what about chocolate nut cars? or jello cars? or playdough? or. or..sculpey?

And I'm just getting started. Of course, you could always make cake or muffins in there also.

Naw! Nothing is really cool unless it is repurposed, eh?
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