Friday, November 27, 2009

Blitz-It Friday # 33: Day after Thanksgiving

Welcome to another Blitz-it Friday. It's officially the day after Thanksgiving, and I hope you all had a nice time with your families and friends celebrating a truly wonderful holiday: Thanksgiving!

Despite my whining about not having guests for this special holiday, I can honestly say it was one of THE most relaxing Thanksgivings we've ever had! My kids are old enough to help, so we divide up the tasks on the big dry erase board in the kitchen. We also made a decision NOT to have lunch and have a 4:00ish dinner, which made even less dishes!

The list on the board looked something like this:

Make stuffing: Nathanael
prepare turkey: Mom
stuff the turkey: Nathanael and Joanna
peel and chop potatoes/ mash: Jamie
sweet potatoes: Daddy and Emily
pie crusts: Mom and Joanna
pie fillings: Hudson, Joanna and Nathanael
green bean casserole: Nathanael
cranberries: Joanna
whip the cream: Hudson and Nathanael

As you can see, I got OUT of a lot of work. I was really planning to do more, but the kids kept saying "No, I want to do that!" I love it how Nathanael gets into the preparations!

So, I did some sewing and made Emily some slippers out of a recycled sweater. She was so excited when I finished the first slipper, she danced around the room. I was so surprised when her face was all glum when I handed her the second one. "What's wrong?" "Is it too tight? not the right color?" What? what?

She just stared at the floor. The poor thing was cold and sick. She had a fever. So, I wrapped her up in her two finished slippers and let her fall asleep in my arms. It wasn't the same without our bubbly one. But her body fought it off, and by the middle of the night, the fever broke and she has been fine all day. There were no other symptoms other than a fever. I have heard that a fever is our body's way of fighting off viruses. And I've noticed that to be true. If I have a fever, I generally make sure I'm hydrated and sleep it off. Most of the time, the virus goes away. Sleep is an amazing thing, isn't it?

Today I did an hour kitchen blitz, which included:

Cleaning the fridge--organizing turkey leftovers, freezing other leftovers, and combining all of my special yogurt. Oh, I am loving making this yogurt!

I wiped down all of the surfaces and appliances which are so easy to see because we have such a beautiful day of sunlight!!

And my regular "day after Thanksgiving" traditions begin.

1. My first tradition is NOT GOING SHOPPING on black Friday. The American Economy is going to have success or failure without me today. I am making my gifts this year out of recycled things.

2.My second tradition is not putting up elaborate decorations. I have a small "seasonal tree" which adds a little bit of color and flair to the room. But I enjoy fall decor more than winter, so I'll keep it this way until January.

3. My third tradition is making potato rolls from the leftover mashed potatoes. It's a nutritional splurge since it's a white flour kind of food. It is a fun way to have turkey leftovers.

4. My fourth tradition is having Friday night (tonight) as a special night with whatever kids are home, since half of our family sings in the "Messiah" (this year Dad and Jo) and the rest of us stay home. So, maybe we'll watch a movie or something fun tonight, while the singers are at the rehearsal.

5. And my last tradition is to go the Messiah on either Saturday or Sunday. It's a free performance and we do it every year. This will be Will's 7th? year singing in it, and Joanna's 4th or 5th year. It's something they love doing.

I hope you can join us if you aren't too busy shopping or cleaning from yesterday!


If you are new to blitzing, here are some other links on the topic:

Basically, blitzing is forcing ourselves to focus for a set period of time on hands-on tasks.
Read about the: one hour blitz and staying focused.

Also, blitzing with kids is a blast if you are an airchair general.

Glad you could join us! Now you have MANY choices about using the blitz. You are welcome to do/ try any or all of them.... and so many photos to choose from!

And for you guys who like to move slowly, try plodding.


Braley Mama said...

Wow what a fun,low key way to celebrate Thanksgiving! I too am making my gifts this year:)Have a great day!

Ruby said...

Great family effort for Thanksgiving.
Can someone post this Green Bean Casserole recipe? Every one I read in the US has had this on the menu, so I am guessing it is one of the staples, but I have never heard or seen it before.

Contemplative Mom said...

Great Thanksgiving! I remember as a kid getting to help prepare for the big feast. Wonderful memories (and good skills) you are giving your kids. Happy Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Parunak said...

Our kids had fevers over Thanksgiving, too, but they wound up with colds. :(