Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Funny things the kids have said lately..

I'm home, instead of at prayer meeting, recovering from a headache and my crazy life.

One thing that cheers me up is to remember the funny things the kids say.

I met my kids at their music lessons and showed up with my jacket on. Emily was watching Joanna's lesson when I showed up. (I go to the Y and teach a class on Wed. mornings and meet them at lessons) So, I pulled Emily on to my lap and started to take off my jacket. She quickly closed the flaps of my jacket and said,

"Mommy! You forgot to take off your pajamas!" (I had on a red flannel shirt that looked like my pajamas)

This past weekend I made some beans. I pulled out a frozen ham bone (a shank ham) and added it to the beans in the pressure cooker. When it came time to serve the beans, I left the bone in (all of the meat had fallen off) and Nathanael comes in and says,

"WHAT is in the beans?"

"A ham bone"

"Oh, I thought it was a HEART!"

(Yeah.. I always serve HEART SOUP!!)

Hudson (who also takes the same science class as Nathanael) says,
"So, what was it? I was going to say HEART also.."

So, this week I went in to observe what's going on in that crazy science class they are taking. It seems like every week she brings in a real animal organ. (gross. crazy. Can you see why we are "farming out" these upper grades?)

And probably the funniest of all, but not to you guys unless you know my kids... is a conversation that Joanna and I were having about "being handsome" or not and whether or not it is important.

So, I, being weird as usual, asked her, "Do you think Jamie thinks it's important to be handsome?" (Jamie is our 17 year old boy/ oldest) She said, "NO!"

At that moment Jamie cruises through the room, and I say,
"What do you think about being handsome?"

And he says, "I don't see any purpose in it."

So, there you go. Why did WE, at that age, in our shallow minds think this kind of stuff is important anyway?

Anyhoo.. got to get back to the ranch. I haven't blitzed in 48 hours, and it shows.


Mrs. Parunak said...

Fun stuff. It's always so great to step back and appreciate the fun our children are.

Mrs. Santos said...

My little girl used to call mangos "flamingos" and mandarins "mandolins" stuff. Hope you feel better

Becky said...

Our fourth, when she was around 3, used to walk around singing, "He is freezing, he is freezing..." (He is risen).

summur braley said...

Love it....Heart soup:) lol!

Becky said...

Hi! I was awarded a favorite blog award (admittedly, it's from my daughter), and I wanted to pass it on to you. If you want to particpate you can check out the rules on my blog.