Sunday, November 8, 2009

Leftovers? What are those?

Have you guys ever noticed that when I plan a menu, I actually have something different EVERY night of the week?

It's not because we don't like leftovers. We just don't get enough leftovers out of any meal for another one unless I cook a turkey or ham or enough casserole for the Rockford Rescue Mission.

I'm just saying.

Tonight I made two entire chickens. There are five small pieces left, and that's because I had 3 filling side dishes.

This week four loaves of bread were made on Wednesday, I was actually surprised to find anything left by Thursday night.

If we buy apples, I usually buy 3 big bags which lasts us through the weekend (if I buy them on Friday)

Cheese? the 10 pound bag is a nice size.

Beans? I always cook the entire bag.

Rice? I make 3 dried cups with 6 cups of water.

Salsa? one quart jar a week.

pancakes? triple batch for one meal

Eggs? 3 cartons of 18 each/ a week

Milk? only one gallon. I don't encourage kids to drink milk--just for cooking/ cereal.

Juice? juice is a luxury. I only usually have it for guests because my mother in law says, "A morning without orange juice is like a morning without sunshine" whatEVER. I guess that means guests expect juice. My kids drink water in the morning. How primitive.

Dried cereal? No. expensive and a whole box doesn't even cover the morning rush. Not worth it. Sometimes grandma shows up with it, so they eat it then.

Convenience foods? not much. not healthy/ not cost effective usually. I do try to have some cake mixes on hand for potlucks and guests. I also love pre-made crackers and pretzels..

BUT, when we did have a smaller appetite family,

I loved doing things like this:

Once a Month Cooking. I remember thinking how BIG the dishes were!

There are several good posts up these days for reusing leftovers. At this point, I can not imagine having leftovers from a potroast or a package of chicken. But I know there's a few of you out there who may love this kind of stuff:

Getting several meals out of a cooking session


four meals in four minutes (this is some sort of MLM)
(I can not imagine those small bags even making ONE meal, let alone two.. but in 10 years, I'll revisit that idea)

2 hours to prepare meals for weight loss (for a single person, but you get the idea)

Hope this gets you inspired.


MommaMindy said...

Sounds like our family. I like to joke that I grew up with so many leftovers, I don't remember my mom cooking an original meal. You would reheat them, make them into soup and even grind them up and throw it into bread. EEWWWWW! Woudln't you know, when I do have extra bits of this or that and present it for a lunch, the kids love it?

Ruby said...

Don't get too excited about eating less when the family starts leaving. The two boys I have left seem to be able to put away every bit as much as when their sisters lived at home. Then there are the (much loved) older kids calling in for meals, snack when the grandies come etc :-) But like Mindy if there is something to reheat, they love it the second time around too! I have never, not ever, been able to make one of those stir fries or other dishes where you use the left overs of a chicken. Even when it was just the two of us, he could polish off a sweat!

Organizing Mommy said...

Mindy and Ruby: I knew I'd get some AMENs from the choir. You mean, I will always be bulk cooking... for the rest of my life? Oh well.. If that's what it takes to have my adult children and grandchildren near me, I'll consider it to be a small price. I can hardly imagine what it will be like. I am very happy with them still all in the nest, even though the oldest one has wings and is ready to fly.. off to college next year.