Thursday, December 17, 2009


I noticed a pamphlet hanging on the wall at the Farm Bureau, where our local church meets. The pamphlet had a picture of an egg with the words "Fresh" on it. It caught my eye, and I knew it would align nicely with the "healthy kick" that I've been on. The problem is that I knew I was light years ahead of my husband and kids in this area. They are no more impressed with my efforts to eliminate trans fats than they are with farm-fresh eggs.

"Where did we get these weird eggs?" and
"Where's the NORMAL peanut butter?" and
"What's with the ORGANIC milk? I don't like it as well as the other stuff!"

Really. Non-organic milk does not have a special flavor ingredient that makes it special.

And with my latest brainstorm.. I thought it might be nice to broach the topic of raising chickens. After I brought it up and various members discussed it, my mother finally intervened and offered to PAY ME NOT to raise chickens. Can you believe this family?

Anyhoo, I noticed that pamphlet advertising a free movie called "Fresh", and Pauline and Paul were interested in going to see it. I thought this would be the perfect time to get my husband involved. A double date like.

"honnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeey, how would you like to go on a nice double date with the Cyborskis to a FREE movie?"

Pauline starts to tell him what it's about.. I quickly cut her off. "It doesn't really matter what it's about. We're just going to have fun, right?"

Will gives me the one eyebrow up thing. But he's a good egg and agrees to go.

So on the day of the movie, I called him at work to verify the time and plan, and he says,

"So, I thought I would get home and quickly eat up all of the hormone laden eggs and factory chickens before we go, since we probably won't be doing that anymore after this movie.."

Me: "Oh, so you've been researching.. Did you tell your friends at work? Do they think you're going off the deep end yet?"

Him: "Yeah. I told them. And they like this homemade yogurt that you've been making.."

Me: "Wait until they try our homemade chickens!"

Aaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!! The phone goes dead. (Just kidding.. he just laughed)

So, anyway, we got to the movie, and No ONE told us how to raise eggs or chickens. I was kind of disappointed. But they did tell us how we can find the farmers who sell the stuff. So, maybe my mother will be relieved. Perhaps there's some cute little chicken farmer out there who needs my business. The movie wasn't as scary as it could have been, but it does talk about how out of control the food industry has become. It is worth the time and effort to watch it. And if you really do not want to become a chicken farmer, there is no pressure to do so.

We were all handed the names and addresses of what they call: community supported agriculture (CSA). So, I like this idea better than buying a chicken farm. Then I still do my crafts and teach pilates without having to be a full time farmer. Whew!


Becky said...

I saw the movie as soon as Netflix got it in. I really liked it, even though they didn't really need to convince me of anything since I've been reading Nourshing Traditions and researching this sort of thing for awhile now. And if you can ever get your family to quit pestering you for "real" peanut butter (you know - instead of the stuff you need to keep mixing) you let me know. I have one child that actually prefers the good for you stuff, and I'm just trying to wait out the others.

Mrs. Santos said...

We are health nuts over here. First it was organic milk - then it was raw it is primarily coconut that is going to far for your family - LOL Thanks for sharing your health journey - I LOVE it.

Braley Mama said...

My husband always complains about the natural peanut butter, but he likes skippy natural. The ingredients are peanuts salt and oil that is it.
Thanks for sharing this movie.

Jackie said...

Take your mother-in-law's money and raise ducks instead! Hehe! Apparently they have less odor (more watered-down waste) and have bigger (though more fatty) eggs.

If I didn't think the neighbors would flip, I'd have fresh eggs in a heartbeat. One day we'll have more space and I'll have my chickens (or ducks)!

Jenny P. said...

I want to raise chickens once we're not in an appartment. For some reason I think the landlord might just flip out at this point. I love following your foodie journey, you have such funny encounters and write about them so well.

Emily said...

My husband won't let us have chickens in the apartment, but I am looking forward to the day when we have our own. I like the duck suggestion as well.

Organizing Mommy said...

Wouldn't the ducks just up and fly south for the winter?

Mrs. Parunak said...

Did you know we raised chickens last summer? They were meat chickens, so they're all gone now. We even butchered them ourselves (and when I say "we," I mean Mr. P.). It was SO FUN! I really hope we can do it again.