Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why I'm no different than a millionaire..

I think about these things. If I were a millionaire, what EXACTLY would I do differently?

I probably would not stop

--being a stay at home mom, especially if my kids are the ages that they are
--being a wife to the greatest, handsomest, 45 year old
--homeschooling, in the same way that I do it
--teaching pilates at the Y for min wage and teaching at Hamilton Sundstrand for donation only
--teaching at Hallstrom (perhaps I would make everything free?)
--buying my clothes at second hand stores, since I do this for more reasons than just saving money.
--having people over for dinner after chapel on Sunday
--cooking for my family.. (since home-cooked food is not only cheap, it's nutritious. I also enjoy cooking)
-- attending our "farm chapel" as I call it. Money does not affect where we fellowship.
--living in the same house. Yes, I actually like it here. The exception would be if my husband wanted to take an apartment in downtown Chicago and be a self-supporting missionary there. In which case, I would probably keep the house, since I can not imagine living in the city "full time"
--encouraging our kids to try for scholarships, since this is just a smart decision.
--giving to the Lord, just different amounts.

So, what would I do differently?

Realistically, some things would have to change. Like, I probably would buy a fuel-efficient car, or put money aside for one. Right now all the cars are working, even the donated one. So, I would just wait for one of them to break, which is, by the way, what we are doing even without the million dollars.

I have been saving for what seems like a few years to replace the floor in my house. I'd just go out and buy it.

And I'm not even sure I can think of anything else that I would even do or buy. It's a strange but wonderful feeling that becoming a millionaire would only bring me a hardwood floor and ?? And when you phrase it that way, why even try? Why work so many hours--just for money? or stuff?

If I were hungry, or cold, or without shelter, I'd be working for money. If you get right down to it, money buys: food, clothing, warmth, and shelter or the means to acquire those things (transportation). Everything that money buys is just a variation on those themes.

Food can be anywhere from gruel to fois gras.

Clothing can be anything from a burlap sac to Sax Fifth Avenue.

Warmth can be anything from a Potbelly stove to a vacation in Hawaii.

And shelter can be a cave to a sprawling mansion.

And transportation? our working feet to a Mercedes Benz.

Where money gets complicated is when we attempt to buy things that are not purchaseable:
happiness, success, health, acceptance, security, respect, love, worth, creativity, imagination, friends, and pleasure.

If we could just wrap our heads around this, we would have all the money we need. We'll probably have too much, and we'll need to share it.

And guess what? Nobody has died from a lack of a hardwood floor. So, really I AM a millionaire.


Tiffany said...

You are such a creative blogger! I loved this post!
Thanks for stopping by today and leaving such a sweet comment. I love coming to your blog!

sara said...

OK, since it makes no difference to you, buy your floors and then give the rest of the money to me. :D

Seriously, I think I'd give to charity, pay off the mortgage, get the 40 year old windows replaced, have the floors refinished, and try to find a way to minister to my family. And there would be nothing left after that.

Mrs. Parunak said...

I hope that my answers would be pretty similar to yours, except that I'm not sure we'd stay in this house. Maybe we'd get something a little bigger on a lot more land.

But it is encouraging to think that we're living our lives the way we really believe we should RIGHT NOW, already, without millions.

Becky said...

Well said. I think I'd just pay off the house and the new mini van. A million dollars doesn't go as far as used to anyway, so anyone who suddenly got ahold of money like that would still be wise to live frugally.

Anonymous said...

I agree with and would do pretty much everything as you except having the kids apply for scholarships. If we had the money to pay for school with no problem I would feel right having my children taking money that could go to kids who really do need the scholarship.

Anonymous said...

sorry I mean I wouldn't feel right having them apply

Sarah said...

You are really a millionaire!

I, unfortunately have lots of wishes!

I would pay off the mortgage on our house and then put on a new roof! Then I would visit all of my children and family who live all over the world. (One of them lives in Michigan)
And I would support a hospital that treats women and girls who have been brutally mistreated by rebels or government troops in Congo, near the border to Rwanda. And, and, and.........I know
money doesn`t buy you happiness, health or success, but it can be help or a relief to have some.
I see the problem in trusting it more than God to supply your needs.

Braley Mama said...

I love it!!!!!
I feel the same way, we would fix our cars and purchase a home. It is amazing how He provides:)
Great post, again!

Jenny P. said...

How thought provoking. I hope to be able to only want a new floor some day, but we're still a little ways away from that. The first thing I would do if I were a millionaire is to pay off our debt. I don't like owing money to other people. Then I'd pay cash for a small house of our own and stop renting. THEN I'd live exactly the way that I already do!

Deborah said...

So true! I am a millionaire too! Oh there's a never ending list of things that require money that need to be done around here, but really, we're happy, we're healthy, and resting in the security that God loves us. What more do we really need.