Thursday, March 25, 2010

Writer's Shoulder?

I'm sitting here typing and my shoulder hurts, of all things. It hurts the most when I scroll on the track pad. I have blogger's shoulder, obviously a symptom of something.. washing dishes too hard? rolling out homemade bread dough? internet overload? It's a new fangled version of writer's cramp, I think.

I even tried scrolling with my left hand. Feels funny, you know? But is that stopping me? No. Then again, my shoulder pain probably wasn't caused by typing, since I do that all of time.

It was most likely caused by my biggest looser style of getting my muffin top to disappear. I'm so moderate, you know. I never overdo it... I'm so even keeled. Laid back.. (snicker)

whatever. And another thing I hardly ever do is try to impress people. (yeah..)

So, I have this friend. O.K. I have a lot of friends. But this friend is a special gal to me. She's a younger gal who laughs at my jokes. (Does she know my love language or what?)

Anyway, she has joined the Y--my Y. And she even attends the classes I teach. I'm sure she could get better classes, but she attends MY classes. See? She obviously loves me.

So, I don't want to let her down. I set up a schedule for both of us to attend a pile of classes together. I know she wants to see results--fast. O.K. then, this is what we've done.

Monday night: Cardio class
Tuesday morning (cardio class AND pilates)
Wednesday morning (pilates)
Thursday (cardio and pilates)

We'll take tomorrow off

Saturday (more cardio and strength training)

So, uh.. do you think we're overdoing it? nevermind.

Anyway, I'm having a blast spending time with my friend and watching her grow in fitness. Getting in shape is one gift that we give ourselves but the people we love really benefit from it the most. A healthy mommy is a happy mommy. And a happy mommy is a happy family.

So many women feel selfish for taking care of their physical fitness needs, since it takes time, energy and sometimes money to accomplish the goal. I would say that it is : time, energy and money well invested. It is a gift I give my husband and my children and all the people in my sphere. I'm agreeing with God that the creation of the human body is a beautiful thing, worthy of respect and care. (not worship, but respect and care)

My friend and I were discussing how sometimes Christians will see a bad practice in the world and their reaction to that bad practice is to run as far in the other direction as possible, often times farther than the Scripture takes us.

I think that how Christians view their bodies and things like physical fitness has gone the route of extreme correction in some circles. Yes, the worldlings are self-absorbed body image obsessors. Yes, they live purely in the physical realm and for things of this earth. But does that mean that those of us who are living for eternity have no responsibilities with earthly things? including our bodies? I think you get my point. The hardest thing for us, as thinking Christians, to do is to rightly divide the Word and make sound judgements. It's so much easier to generalize rather than think through each thing.

And yes, even those of us who make it our "ministry" to help others tune up their earthly vessel will often fail to understand or apply all that we know about fitness to our own bodies. And we will even injure ourselves in the process. That doesn't make it wrong to exercise.

And some will exercise to the point of obsession and love their image in the mirror and get boob jobs and sidetracked and forget about their health. That also doesn't make it wrong to exercise either. It does, however, prove that taking our eyes off of Christ and on to ourselves will take even a good thing, like exercise, and turn it into sin.


Mrs. Parunak said...

Great post! I'm sorry about your shoulder. I gave myself plantar faciitis jumping up and down on our concrete slab trying to help my kids exercise. Sigh. I'd better quit typing now and get to the gym!

P.S. My comments are fixed. Thanks so much for the heads up!

Organizing Mommy said...

Concrete slab? Ouch! Oh, you are a nut. I wrote this post last night after midnight. I wanted to go running this morning. I think I'm turning into a nut. (I mean worse than I already am!)

Braley Mama said...

great job mama!!!!!
I wish I had your gusto about working out.
But I laughed when you said you like when someone laughs at your jokes. That is also my criteria for a friend:O)HA! Have a beautiful weekend!

sara said...

When you say "muffin top" do you mean the belly flopover thing? The part that squeezes out over the top of the jeans? Because I used to think you meant the quadraboob which is a related but separate issue.

sara said...

Not that YOU have quadraboob. Just something I have a passing familiarity with. Just saying.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

You're so right...

I've been guilty of running the other way. My in-laws are not believers to begin with, and completely obsessed with fitness and looks. I joke (but not so funny) that my father-in-law's god is himself, his religion is fitness, and he worships faithfully (and wants others to join him... in worshiping him).

It really creeps me out.

I think I wanted to "show" them that Kerry loves me no matter what... and he does, bless his heart. But that's no excuse for letting everything go.

Time to start acting instead of reacting.


Organizing Mommy said...

Sara: no quadaboob--just happy to have the two I've got.

Julie: Yes, I think you are getting it. This is advanced Christianity, but you can handle it.