Monday, April 19, 2010

The results are in!

The results for my contest are in! I had to contact my winners and figure out who wanted what. I think all three winners are happy with what they are going to be getting.

Angi of Tim& Angi's blog, won the necklace.

My daughter, Joanna sells jewelry in her ETSY shop. (There's another one like it in her shop, if you do not win)
Stacey of I'm a Lazy Mom won this package.
Malachi's Harvest granola with an organizing book.
Kim of Whimsical Websites won this package. And another bag of Malachi's Harvest granola and another organizing book.
Malachi's Harvest and Joanna's ETSY store, did not pay me anything to promote them. I did get to sample the granola, though. And Joanna makes me jewelry all the time. Feel free to patronize these two sites.

They are just awesome Christians with awesome products. In fact, that granola is wonderful. It is very dense, soft and much better than anything I've ever made or tasted.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest! I enjoy the 5mfm yearly party. This year I am really busy and have not gotten around to visiting many of the sites or keeping up with my regular reads. If you are thinking, "Why doesn't she come to my site??" I'm wondering the same thing.

Perhaps, blogging on the writing level is level 1. Blogging and commenting on other's blogs is level 2. Having contests and all that Level 3. Whenever I think I'm a Level 3 blogger, I usually get kicked in the behind with a disorganized life, unplanned meals, or all-purpose chaos.

Having said that, I'm a .5 blogger this week. I will, however, get those packages in the mail.

And yes, we are linking up some blitzing on Friday. Friday, people. We can do this. Let's gear up for the weekend and get blitzing.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh good - motivation for Friday. Boy does my house need it!

Gramma Grasshopper came and did some cleaning while I was at the hosp. with Tate - my kitchen and the playroom. Yay, Gramma Grasshopper!

But, with three boys, it never ends.

Kelly L said...

Very cool stuff.

Love to you

Eos Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, yes I love American history and I jumped at the chance to ramble about it. ;-)

Thank you for your offer, but really, I don't want anything. I got the best prize of all from you last year, that beautiful bag you made that I absolutely love! So don't worry about me. :-) Thanks!!!

Mrs. Parunak said...

Congrats to the winners! It was a fun give-away. It's always nice to know about neat little cottage industries that other Christians have.

Kim said...

Thanks so much!!!