Saturday, May 22, 2010

Boring, blitzing dish-mama..

As you can imagine, my home needs a little spiffying up after half of the week in Cedar Point.

While my dear, sweetheart played "Mr. Mom" all week, he rallied the troops into a work crew to finish the paneling of the bathroom basement. It was all done when I got home!! Now, the crew is putting in a floor, fixing ceiling tiles, designing a custom vanity and replacing the toilet seat. Hopefully I'll have pictures soon. It really looks great, and we will need the use of that bathroom for our graduation party guests!! (less than 3 weeks away)

So, while they were getting major construction done, I decided to clean up the dishes. Usually, I can clean up the kitchen in less than a one hour blitz, but today I wasn't even done at 90 minutes!
Uffda... but it does look a lot better, so I can't complain. As I was cleaning, I realized that we're out of food.. how does that happen so quickly? So, I made a list and was going to go out shopping. I was talking to my Mom on the phone and Emily came to me, looking very scared. When I hung up, I realized that the oven blew a circuit?? and scored the heating element completely apart. Somehow it was like a real fire?? in the oven. whatever.

So, now I have no oven.

Somehow these things don't really phase me. I think, "Oh good. I'll just buy bread.." rather than get all snarled up over the issue. Besides, it's grilling season.

Eventually, my husband's craving for cookies will force him to take care of the issue, so I have no doubt this will resolve itself in short order. :)

Besides, when they pulled the oven out, I noticed a year's worth of goo and gunk and syrupy yuckies had collected on the sides of it. It will take me longer to clean up the grunge than it will to replace the heating element.

So, rather than stress out over that, I focused my attention to my non-garden. I call it a non-garden because the plants are not in it yet!! We started tilling yesterday, and we are continuing to do it today. Then I realized that a little peat moss may be just the thing this clay soil needs. So, between the need for peat moss and the $1.00 flip flop sale at Old Navy, I found an ample excuse to get out of the house and away from construction, fire in the oven and tilling. And who is to say one way or the other if a Starbucks happens to find itself near my driver's window?

So, you see, life is good. While I was at Menards, I called home to see if the crew needed anything (like a new oven, for example) , and the only thing they could come up with was a $5.00 chalk line. I asked them if they wanted it immediately. They said they did. So, I hurried the peat moss and chalk line home and let the boys get the groceries.

Oh, yeah.

Now my only problem is that it is almost 7:00, and we have no food in the house, and the boys are out buying groceries that we'll need for dinner. And my choices are to blog or put laundry away. So, you can see, the choice is obvious here we are..


Herding Grasshoppers said...

I spent several hours yesterday and today deep cleaning the kitchen... my sympathy is with you. And I didn't even pull out the stove. I shudder to think what we'd find!

Glad things are back to semi-whatever-close-to-normal at your place :D


Becky said...

I love it. I've had days like that, we all have I'm sure. We were whipping out supper here after 7:00 Sat too because I completely forgot I told Grandma we were going to stop in to visit her after seeing my mom yesterday, and I wasn't about to disappoint her. So at 5:30, in a city nearly an hour away I detour to take everyone to another city to see Grandma. They survived having to wait for a late supper, they always do.

Jenny P. said...

I desperately need to blitz my kitchen but I keep putting it off, even tho every extra day is adding length to the time it will take to actually complete it. Perhaps I should assign tomorrow to be the day.

I hope you enjoyed your starbucks :)

L2L said...

Ha ha, I can always depend on you for a good stress relieving laugh. Figured I'ld check in with you as it has been awhile... guess somethings never change, I love your outlook on life, lol!!!!

Mrs. Parunak said...

Sorry about your oven! I love your cheerful attitude about it, though, and I hope you got your Starbucks when you were out and about.

Laurie said...

Hi there! I love your blog and, because of that, I'm passing along an award to you! Please don't let is pressure you in any way. You can read about it here:
Have a blessed week! ♥Laurie

The dB family said...

You have a real gift with words. You leave me entertained and wanting to clean at the same time -- except that it's too hot here right now. Maybe around midnight the inspiration will come ;o). Hope you get your new element soon -- or not?