Friday, May 28, 2010

Last minute details..

Here I am back at my computer after an un-planned hiatus. After three solid years of abuse, my powercord for Macbook croaked. Since I'm not really good at the PC or the basement computer, I just decided to go without blogging, facebook and email for 48? hours. Feels like a long time.

I need to blitz and get ready for this trip to Germany. I NEED to get the house picked up. I need to take a shower and deal with my stink. BUT, I'm so happy to be back, that I HAD to tell you this story before I forget it.

So, here's the scene. You know me, I have to paint the picture just right...

A bunch of families from our Gavel Club planned an outing for the kids at Rock Cut State Park yesterday. It was a beautiful day and a fabulous time. The kids canoed for a while, and some of the dads showed up for the cookout. We feasted on burgers, brats and all the yummy side dishes. By the time we were all done feasting, fellowshipping, and frisbee-ing, it was getting dark. As we were loading up the car with various things, I noticed the big 5 gallon water pitcher in our car. In order to get the water out of the pitcher, it needs to be set on a flat surface, and then the bottom spout will pour out the water as you push the button.

The only flat surface that I could find at the moment was the back of the car. The only place beneath the pitcher was lower to the ground. I literally had to squat down to get this maneuver to happen.

So picture it this way. Here I was squatting behind the car balancing the pitcher in one hand and my water cup in the other. And because there wasn't a lot of water left in the pitcher, the water was just trickling into the cup. I felt like it was taking a long time, but I was thirsty, and this was worth it.

About this time, Mr. Anderson, one of the dads, is loading up the back of his van, which was parked next to ours. Since I was so long at this procedure, I just looked over at him and said "hi".

Well, the squatting woman behind her van, in the dark with the tinkling sound happening is probably what caused his perplexed look and the

"What ARE you doing?!" comment he made next.

Which caused me to burst into laughter and the thought of what he thought I MUST be doing.

It's like his look said, "Lady!! The bathroom is 20 feet that way. Do we need to do this HERE???"

And as you can imagine, all I could do is howl. The coyotes could not have out-howled me. Eventually, I managed to get up and show him my water cup, but Oh!


Sometimes it is good for people to have a "rest period" between visits with the Hedgehog. I'm just sayin.

Next post from Germany, OK?


Braley Mama said...

Safe travels!!!! That is the best story i have heard in a long time!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh, I needed a laugh before bed!

Have fun!!!


Becky said...

Oh I loved that story. Thanks for sharing it.
Have a great trip!!

The dB family said...

Too funny!! Have a safe trip! I can't wait to hear from you IN GERMANY!!


Mrs. Parunak said...

You do have a knack for getting into adventures! I hope your time in Germany is full of happy ones!

Organizing Mommy said...

just checking in..