Sunday, May 23, 2010

Randomly awesome

Laurie from:

gave me this:

Angi from Tim and Angi's
Now the first blog award suggests that I nominate 7 bloggers and the next award is for 12.. that pretty much covers my whole reader-ship. So, if you consider yourself a reader, take my awards and run with them. If you have forgotten to read recently, let me remind you of who (I think) you are.. LOL

Herding Grasshoppers
Braley Mama
DB family
Momma Mindy

(this is getting hard)

Oh yeah, Mrs. Parunak (she doesn't do awards, but whatever)

Emily (who isn't writing, that turkey)
Scottish twins

And if I forgot anyone, send a nasty gram and a pile of spam, offers for Viagra and I'll get the message.

Oh, someone is already doing that. nevermind. except the nasty gram. O.K. disown me on facebook already.

So, Jamie invited 57 of his facebook friends to his grad party, in addition to all of the hand written invitations that haven't been sent out yet. Tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day that all of them will be sent out or I'll... I'll.... give up my oven. That's right. I'm done cooking in the oven until the heating element gets replaced.

So, have you ever made English muffins? O.K. well, I have, and they are awesome. AND you don't need an oven. You just cook those puppies on the stovetop. Just like a prairie woman, cooking over a a cast iron pan, sprinkled with corn meal.. right over a stovetop.. in a nicely air conditioned home.

Have you ever made chipotle chicken? Here again, awesomeness. Take one whole chicken stick it in the crock pot. Add some of those canned chipotle peppers covered in adobe sauce. Cook it up for 3-4 hours on high. Here again, no oven needed. What did the prairie women do for a crock pot? Not sure.

If there's anything about me that you have to know, I'll tell you.. like for example how often I clip my toenails or what brand of washing detergent I like, but I really don't feel like listing 7 random things about me. It's bad enough that you have to endure this much information..LOL.

So, for someone who has just been awarded the versatile blog award, I think we've sufficiently covered everything more or less in this post.


Mrs. Parunak said...

Go, you Prairie Woman, you! English muffins sound so cool. Are you going to post the recipe? You could do a combination toe nail clipping/English muffin post for everyone who was left wondering after your generous offer.

And...thanks for the award. ;) The only reason I don't do awards is that I can never decide who should get them from me. I love everyone who reads my blog too much to miss anyone. It's too nerve wracking, and I don't need that kind of pressure.

The Boojes said...

Me! You forgot me! =)

Becky said...

Thanks for the award. I don't know who to forward the award on to though; I don't read that many blogs, and only have a few followers. But, I appreciate it all the same.
I'm with Mrs. Parunak - I'd love to try your english muffin recipe.

Kathryn said...

Coming here makes me smile. Such a lovely lift to the day.

Thanks for the award. I've done them in the past, but tend not to now, tho i think it an honor to be remembered. Just like the "give aways" (& i have won at least one) - that's not why i read/follow blogs. I do it 'cause i enjoy reading about other folks' lives, & i enjoy making connections when that happens.

Have a blessed day. :)

Braley Mama said...

Thanks for the award friend!!! You are too sweet.
I use my crock pot all of the time in the summer. It keeps the house cooler than the oven:O) Hope Jamie's party goes smoothly!!!!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Ooo, I'm honored, though I don't usually post them ;D (kind of like Mrs. Parunak).

So you're having a party with "x" number of people coming, give or take an extra 57... you go, girl!

And FYI, the pioneer woman's crock pot was... a Dutch Oven. Put your food in, stick it in the coals of the fire, and pile coals up on the lid. Works great.

DarcyLee said...

\Thank you for the award. Oh, and I have really been wanting to try to make English muffins. My gang is crazy about them. I'll be using my crockpot a lot this summer-convenient, cheaper and cooler than using the oven. I love coming to your blog. I almost always get a lift. Have fun at your party.

The dB family said...

Thank you for the award. I'll likely be a wimp and not pass it on though. I never know where to send 'em. Like Mrs. Parunak says, it's too nerve wracking :o).

You are going to be one busy lady for the next little while. I wonder if there is a prairie woman style party you can do ;o)! Praying all goes well!