Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Things you HAVE to know..

Do you like my catchy intro? It's like I'm going to announce something fabulous or something, isn't it? And when you are a blitzing, happy hedgehog, it's really hard to distinguish from the magnanimous and the mundane... from the tumultuous and the te-tete.

So, I'll just leap in here.

1. A little gal in our Gavel Club gave a speech and announced that HEDGEHOGS were her favorite animal because they are so...........cute. Emma, you are one bright child. It has taken me forty years to fully comprehend the beauty of hedgehogs. Shall we start a support club? How about a charity? A non-profit 501 C-3 organization that benefits all hedgehogs and those who look like them? I could let you promote your cause on this blog, in fact.

2. My oven is fixed. It's looks like I'll have to cook again. I mean, praise the Lord! What sort of cool things can I cook? Yee Haw.

3. I've decided not to go to North Dakota this year. Thanks to my many on-line therapy sessions and virtual support groups, I think I am healed. Jamie still wants to go to Discipleship Camp in North Dakota, and he'll be traveling with friends. (Yes, you can pray for safety..) So, maybe next year, when Joanna is old enough for camp, Will and I will both go and try to help out. IF they need us, or want us.. which may not happen. Hey, I was willing! Nuff said.

4. It's great to think that so many people feel the way I do about those awards. A special recognition to Boojes, who isa regular reader, non-commenter of the blog. (Sorry, Kid! If you want me to remember that you read this, you have to drop a line once in a while, OK?)
And did I forget Jenny P? (yes, I love you, Kiddo) See? This is the dilemma! No more awards. It's like the crazy graduation party we're planning. I want to invite the world.

Let's just say this. If you are like--my best and most faithful reader, and you really want to come to the party, could you just come out and tell me? I'll send you an invite. I've got a lot on my mind, and I can't afford enemies or hurt friends. Don't be shy. The more the merrier. I have a facebook invite that is really easy to send.

5. Speaking of Facebook, I've decided to stay on. I went through and "unlike"d everything that I like, and deleted all the links and junk. I am not using FB to align myself politically or otherwise. So, I am staying connected. And I don't normally want the general public to be my facebook friend. I pretty much know the people who I'm friends with.

That sounds kind of odd. "I pretty much know the people I'm friends with"
In a different decade, this would have seemed like you had an alter-ego or multiple personalities. Now, I would guess, that MOST of you did not even bat an eyelash at that statement, given the context. Just goes to show how ODD we've become as a society.

6. Now for some real news. I know that I've told you that I NEVER travel, except to Belvidere or Woodmans. But occasionally I do go somewhere special. One thing I never do is travel someplace special twice in the same year. For some odd reason, we are traveling again. Yes, it is another business trip that I'm going on with my husband. Can you guess? (I'll just put up photos, and let you guess in the comments). I leave Saturday. It's like Tuesday, and we'
re leaving Saturday. GAH!!! Anyway, here are the photos:

I apologize.. these photos are not going to lend itself to knowing where we're going, except if you've been there. It's in Europe in a once-divided country.


Jan Hatchett said...

Germany??? That sounds like fabulous trip!

Ruby said...

Wherever it its....great!
Have a wonderful time.

The Boojes said...

Germany...that's Brandenburg Tor, I do believe! Have great fun, and eat a brat for me! =)

See...I comment sometimes. =P

sara said...

Home of the Reformation? Land of Luther?

Jenny P. said...

I wasn't offended -- I don't do awards anyway! Love you too and have a beyond-wonderful trip!

Becky said...

I'm with others in guessing Germany. And yes, I'm sure everyone completely understood the weird comment about friends; compliments of our odd society and the mixed blessing of the internet.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Germany? France?


Wonderful, wherever it is!


Braley Mama said...

Berlin!!!! Germany!

The dB family said...

Awesome!! Have a wonderful time!! I decided to stay on fb took. Ugh! Hope I don't regret it.


Sarah said...

Sparkasse is the main bank in Germany, so have a nice trip! Sorry we can't meet, but you are probably too far away from me. If you are near Nuremberg, I'd love to meet you.

Organizing Mommy said...

Yes, we are going to Berlin, Germany. Not sure how close it is to you, Sarah, but I would love to meet also.

Mrs. Parunak said...

Delightful post! I especially had to smile about the FB friends thing. I've never met a lot of my friends (how's that?), so I have taken a lot of personal info off.

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