Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Few, Fry, Aaaah--choo!

Call me a nut, but I get a total charge out of people's names. And like, this is for real.

For example, when Jamie took driver's ed two years ago, he had a teacher named "Mr. Fry". Fine enough. Is that really his name? Fry? really?

So, then Joanna signs up for driver's ed, two years later at the same place. She gets "Mr. Few".

When she came home, I was asking her, "So, what's the teacher's name again?"
"Mr. Few"
"Few? I thought it was Fry"
"that's a different guy--I have Few"

So, I am suspecting when Hudson signs up, there will be a "Mr. Fee"; and Nathanael will get "Mr. Foe" and of course, Emily will get "Mr. Fum"..

Or it could be like this.

Jamie getsMr. Fries
Joanna get sMr. Few
Hud gets Mr. Burger
and Than gets Mr. Bun.

Few fries on a burger bun.

or Than gets Mr. Many

Few fries, many burgers..

Fry, Foo, Foe, Fum.

And on and on.

See why it never gets boring in my head?

And there's more than one reason why we don't send our kids to school, but right now "lack of interesting teacher's names" is ranking high on the list.

Or maybe I should send them, so I can have more names to make fun of?


The dB family said...

And I thought I had random thoughts spinning in my brain!

Are you feeling healthy again? I hope so!


Kathryn said...

Do you do this with word verification ?

I wrote a post using a couple of funny words from word verification, but i can't find it. My current word is" nestst

Now is that the nestst word you ever heard, or is is a word speaking of the type of home a bird creates?


Ruby said...

Fee, Fie, Fo Fum....
Oh, I love playing with words, too.
There has been a rumour circulatint that home schooling mothers are quirky, but I just can not seem to get any concrete evidence for it. Every blogger I visit thinks pretty much the way I do. Love it!
Becky ~ some of the verification words are truly fascinating and I even look them up at times. I have surams (glum? bleak? evil?)just now.

Ruby said...

Sorry, that was Kathryn! I have just been a t Becky;s place. The old head is spinning!

Becky said...

Wow. That's pretty funny. When I was in school the teacher's names were things like: Brown, Fields, Johnson, Smith, and Davis. The one I remember the best though was Viele - my Chemistry teacher. Drop one e and rearrange the rest and you have the word to describe what everyone thought of her. Shamefully enough - I was one of them. Thankfully, it didn't keep me from passing her class with flying colors though.

Organizing Mommy said...

Tonight at dinner I asked Jo how it went today.

She said, "It's fine, but everyone interrupts everyone else when they're talking."

Hud said, "What do you expect from a teacher named Mr. Feud"

Herding Grasshoppers said...


My kinder teacher was Mrs. Forrell. Or something like that. I have no idea. It was kindergarten. We spelled it "Mrs. 4L." Maybe it was "Mrs. Llll"?


Mrs. Parunak said...

And then there was the guy from China my husband worked with when we were first married (after the wedding this guy asked my husband, "Do you share a common bed?" and then, "Are you going to be unfaithful?" but I digress). Anyway, this guy's name was "How." This provided endless entertainment. "How are you? Yes, you are!" You get the idea.