Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sightseeing in Berlin

I did not bring a camera, but a few of the ladies brought theirs, so it may take a few days to get photos up.

Today I toured with a group of ladies whose husbands are connected with the Airbus Symposium going on this week. One of the ladies, Meg, I met in Montreal in 2002? at a previous symposium (A340). That time was a blast! The ladies who come to these things are very adventurous and have no problem seeing the city, connecting with strangers, and having fun.

So, we all met for breakfast and planned our sightseeing adventures. Basically, we rode buses all over the city and saw some of the major things: the Brandenburg Gate, what is left of the Berlin wall, the infamous "Checkpoint Charlie" and the Jewish Memorial. We also saw Potdamer Platz, a part of the city that is totally remade into "cool" or "hip" as my tourguide friend told me. It would have been nice to kept some of it not cool and hip, just to show the contrast of what was going on in the east v.s. the west before the breakdown of the wall. Apparently, people on the east were driving around in cars from the 1950's and still living in that time period, with no access to modern inventions or living until the fall of the wall in 1989. It is quite an interesting story.

There's so much to learn. One of the ladies in our group is German and grew up in West Germany. She remembers visiting the wall when she was younger, and now she has seen the big changes just in her lifetime. What a neat perspective she has!!

For food, we have been trying all of the ethnic specialties, specifically: Schnitzel, rocket salad, sauerkraut, horseradish, and apple struedel for dessert. Everything has been good! Normally, I do not care for German food in the states, but it's not that it doesn't taste good. It's that the portions were so huge, that it was hard to enjoy the food. Will and I always split the meals. It makes it much easier to enjoy the food when you aren't so stuffed!

There is a museum connected to Checkpoint Charlie. I think I would really like to see that tomorrow. And then the big Gala party for Airbus is tomorrow night. All the wives and attendees will be there. They usually put us all on buses and don't tell us where we are going. It's all secret. It's always a blast and done superbly. No doubt this year will be the same thing.

There's food, entertainment, something cultural, educational, and fun. The last one of these I went to was in Thailand. They had elephants out there performing and Asian style wrestling/ performing--swords?? I think.

Well, my hair really acted up today. I gave it C-. It has been rainy and cold, and we were out walking most of the day. It was pretty much a frizz ball at the end of the day. I managed to get it calmed down before our dinner out. And, yes, I am behaving. I am too jet lagged to get into trouble. I just follow orders, you know.

Maybe by tomorrow I'll be back to instigating things, since that's one more day of adjustment under my belt. WE'll see.. Oh, and I found cool T-shirts for my kids already. I can't talk about them, just incase they are reading this!! Very hip and cool, as they say here. Yes, I am very surprised at how Hip and Cold it is here. Or how cold my hips are, but really... it's all good.


Braley Mama said...

HAha!!! How cold your hips are, to funny!
Enjoy your snitzel with noodle:O)

The dB family said...

Despite all the fascinating history, I'm not sure I could leave the heat here for the cold again. Ack! What am I saying? I'd love to go to Europe!! Have fun!!


Mrs. Parunak said...

Delightful! Sounds like you are having a great time! I can't wait to hear about your big mystery evening.

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

I have never been to Germany but have been to Paris, France and loved it. Hope you continue to have a great time.
Collette x

MommaMindy said...

Yea, there was a store on AP wire today about a wild hedgehog loose in Berlin......

Kathryn said...

"The Hair Chronicles" Ha, ha. :)

Sounds lovely that you're with a group of folks who match your energy, interest, & desire to see things.

Hope you continue to have fun.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh hurray that you're having such a grand time!

What is rocket salad?


Sarah said...

I had booked a holiday in Australia when my son told me he wanted to get married in our church just one week after we would arrive home! He and his bride were 500 km away from us. Well that was a bit of a shock, but it was great in the long run as I didn't have much time to worry about the preparations. I did what I could before I left and had just one week of scurrying around (instead of weeks of vor-planning). And it was a really good wedding! I'M sure your graduation party will be great!