Thursday, June 17, 2010

So my mother tells me..

So my mother tells me, "I printed out your blog for Grandma to read"

Me: "You printed out my entire blog? All 700 posts?? Save a tree already!"

Mom: "No..uh.. that's not what I mean. Just the last three ones"

Me: "Posts? You only printed out the last three posts, right?" (wiping my brow and breathing a sigh of relief) Poor Gram! It would be the equivalent of reading a small, disjointed novel. And does Grandma really need to know that I think of myself as a German bar maid? or that the guy on the plane next to me almost barfed? or what?

As it is, I should probably talk about my grandparents a little. I have two living grandparents--my dad's parents. They are Mary and Al Parlato (I had better be careful, since my mother will print this out and deliver (the entire blog, no doubt) with a plate of cookies to them... whatever.

So, what can I say about my grandparents? I'm guessing that Grandpa is close to 92, and Grandma is close to 90. They live independently in a small apartment about 1.23 miles from my parents. My dad walks to their house every day and stays and visits for about 17.5 minutes. My uncle also lives about 1.3 miles away and he comes often also. They are all snug and cozy in the little town of Gwinn, population 1,973 (on a good year).

Grandma and Grandpa live very active lives and are in pretty good health, despite an occasional set-back. But they weren't quite up to traveling to Rockford for the big party. I guess at 90ish, you can decide what you want to do, eh?

I must be 90 today, since I'm doing what I want to do. Actually, I've been sick and "blobbing out" on the couch most of the day. Yes, I am getting rest. But I feel bad. Today is Joanna's birthday, and we are just not as peppy as we should be to celebrate her sweet 16.

So, if you think of Jo, send her a birthday greeting. And I hope to be doing something special for her soon!


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh dear, I can't get her blog to load. Wish her Happy Birthday from Washington :D

And, Jena, I was thinking of you when I wrote my last post... hope you feel better soon.


Persuaded said...

"Me: "You printed out my entire blog? All 700 posts?? Save a tree already!""


Mrs. Parunak said...

Sorry you're sick! I'm not surprised after all you've been through recently.

Maybe you can have a belated birthday celebration for Jo in a few weeks when everyone is better able to enjoy it.

The dB family said...

Oh how I love your blog! Whenever I need a lift to my spirits I can count on a chuckle from you. You've done incredible these last few weeks! No wonder you are resting on the couch! I hope you are feeling all better again soon!

Blessings to you!