Thursday, July 29, 2010

Airshow everyday

The thunderbirds were practicing for the Airshow this weekend. We live close enough to the airport to get a view of their tail loops as they came around from tricks.

Me: "Oh, it's too bad! We're going to miss the Airshow this year"

Emily: "We have an air show every day, Mommy"

Me: "We do?"

Emily: "Yes, the birds are out everyday, and they make an airshow"

So simple. so true.


While getting her dressed, I noticed Emily's pants were getting short.

"Have you noticed that your pants are getting shorter?"

"Yes. I think I grew last night."

Yes. Last night. It must have been the spinach.


A conversation with a friend last night.

"I have a new favorite preacher"

'Oh, yeah? Who?"

"Paul Washer"

"What? Say that again. You sound like a such a mid-westerner"


"See? Warsher"

"I am not saying Warsher. Wooooooooooosher. I can do this. Waaaaawwwwwwwsher..

Seriously. I can't win.

"So, do you put your things in the dishwarsher also?"

"No. I do not use a dish-warsher."

O.K. So, it's that Paul guy who is my new fav. preacher. Not wArshEr.

I'm trapped in this funny way of taaaaaaaaaaalllllllking.


Mrs. Parunak said...

Lots of fun! Those little stories sure are cute.

And I love Paul Washer, too.

Ruby said...

Trying to imagine how that might sound. We say that particular a as a short o sound but you obviously say ar? Would love to hear your accent. Maybe I have on a video at one time?

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Love Emily's little comments :D

You know, though, I remember reading about a study done on boys. They measured them every single day and there were times they did, literally, grow an inch overnight.

They'd go through a period of eating more, sleeping more, and general grumpiness, then grow.

Maybe she did ;D


The dB family said...

I love watching the birds fly. After awhile you can tell who's who just by how they fly. Emily is one wise little girl!