Monday, July 19, 2010


Just in case you didn't believe me about making all of my kids wear "Gwinn Centennial T-shirts"--here they are. And as you can see, Hudson is thrilled about it. Now he is acting like Edmund, not just looking like him..

And this is a small follow-on to the Yooper comments made earlier. This is an actual photograph that my mother took while touring part of the western U.P.
So, let's get this straight. You are out walking with your dog and you happen to notice flower boxes that are about 18 inches off the ground. Now would be a good time to ask your dog to hoist his bottom up to the trough and do his business on the flower boxes? And just so you are perfectly clear, we do not allow "poop" or "pee" as it were to enter these boxes. So, if you didn't list both, one or the other could possibly be acceptable, but now there is NO question whatsoever.

Which is the very typical U.P. way. We do not sacrifice clarity for any amount of social graces.

Just so know. That is WHERE I get it. LOL.

But now, I'll have to be blunt again, and say: My mother is the most awesomest art quilter in the world because she made this:
It's going in some huge contest, and wouldn't it be cool if she won?

Speaking of Mom, she's been here all week, so that is how I snarfed these photos off her camera. This is my Mom and Dad with Jamie at his grad party. Isn't it great that both Mom and Dad are in good health? Thank you, Lord!
And Mom's cousin, Barb met us for lunch at Chevy's Mexican Restaurant in Schaumburg.
We were celebrating her 65th birthday, coming up soon! Happy Birthday, Barb!
I think Barb looks better in the sobrero than I do, but it was fun wearing it.
After we left the restaurant, we went thrifting with Barb. I found a few good deals, which I'll have to post about later. But we made one last stop before the car hit I-90 West. Can you guess??
Yes! The Container Store! The organizing mommy's dream store!
They were having a sale on glasslock containers for packing lunches. All in all, a fun time out!


Braley Mama said...

How neat to have your mama with you! That sign is cracking me up!

The Boojes said...

WOW! That parrot quilt is GORGEOUS! Way to go, Jena's mom!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Fun fun fun! I think the sombrero suits you ;D

And LOVE your mom's quilt. Gorgeous!


The dB family said...

Your mom's quilt is gorgeous!! There is actually a store that specializes in containers?!? How sweet is that!!


Mrs. Parunak said...

YES, your mom is the awesomest quilter in the world. That quilt is unbelievably gorgeous. What a talent she is. I can see why you're so creative.

Sarah said...

Never seen anything like that quilt in my life. It's a reaL piece of art!