Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I have been blitzing..

Just so know that just because I have been
--sleeping in until 10:00, or 11:00!!!
--rolling around here like a bowling ball without an alley
--enjoying the "moment" of the summer (i.e. doing nothing)

THAT there HAS BEEN some blitzing going on here.

It started last Tuesday. I sent the four older kids off to Magic Waters for $10.00 Tuesday. Emily and I rattled around here in the empty cave. Ooooooohhhhhh did it feel good. We started with the hall closet which lead to her toy dresser... which sort of morphed into cleaning and organizing her clothes. And we did some schoolish stuff in between the fun.

So, when we aren't doing school, we've been blitzing. On the holiday weekend, I managed to clean the laundry room, the hall closet, the fridge, the freezer and the pantry and the craft room.

Yikes.. when I say it like that, it makes it look like I haven't been lazy. But truly, I feel like a lazy blob.

And the reason I feel lazy is because the ominous task of (once again) cleaning that receptacle of junk, i.e. "the dungeon" is before me. It is a dragon. The dragon wants to slay me. But, NO! I will wield my sword of hard work, perseverance and blitzing and conquer the beast.

I know I can.. I will.. (she says with sword over head, racing fast toward to ominous beast with fire in her eye...)


Braley Mama said...

You can do it!!!!! I feel the same way. Although I am blitzing, is till feel kinda lumpish lately! Must be the heat:O)

Herding Grasshoppers said...

You can do it! (Picturing a hedge-hog with its hair on fire...)

I have felt rather blah and low-energy lately. Hard to get motivated.

Must return to 'regular programming'. In other words, get back on schedule.

Glad you're making progress!


The dB family said...

You have been busy! We can conquer our dungeons together. I think mine is probably scarier than yours. I'll post photos soon!


Eos Mom said...

Great job! I did a number on my living room today (you'd be proud)-- purged and organized toys. It took my kids about 5 minutes to undo it after naptime.

Mrs. Parunak said...

No, you don't sound that lazy at all! And really, after the graduation party you put on, I don't think anyone could call you lazy! Oh, and I love the "bowling ball without a lane" thing--priceless!