Monday, July 5, 2010

I'm gonna join that cult.

Don't you love my titles? They are the "What??? is she gonna do now?" kind of titles.

So, what cult is this? Well, I'm not sure it has a name. I just discovered it, and there are various degrees of cult-dom and knowledge-dom to be explored.

It all started when a group of orchestra moms were sitting around hen clucking, when one mom pulls out a strange object from her bag. The sight of it made everyone twitter their feathers with delight. It was a book--no ordinary book-- a special book. It said, "Be your own Doctor" on the front with a grand picture on the back with a huge family on the back. Sure enough, a mother of a large family is unwrapping the secrets of using herbs to treat her family's ailments--one sinus infection at a time.

The herbalist lady is from Monroe, Wisconsin and gave a lecture and sold her book during the lecture. And, my skeptical cynicism (no doubt) started offending some when I started calling it a cult. My husband informed me that I should not have done that because people are sensitive, you know. But what can I say? When I'm new to an idea, I make fun of it for a while, looking at it from all extremes until I can no longer fight it, and then I jump in with both barrels blazing. That's how it was with knitting.

I used to sit back, making fun of knitting, hoping that it was just for little old people who had nothing better to do with their time. Until I tried it. And shortly thereafter became a fanatic.

So, that is why I'm holding out on this herbal remedy thing. It has nothing to do with whether or not this stuff works or not--everyone agrees that it works. What they disagree on is the degree to which it works, and the dosage, the regulatory nonsense, and the "when to go to the doctor" factor.

And "eewwwwwuuu" factor is very real. The idea of putting breast milk in someone's eyes to cure the pink eye. O.K. fine if it's your kid, but to hunt down someone else's milk for the purposes.....??? And the chewing up of common yard weeds ("plantain") to apply on a burn or a bug bite? I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the last two.

No sooner had the hens gathered around the books, and my daughter, Joanna, got a horrific sting right on her lip. We had several unlicensed practioners ready to "practice". With a vial of lavender oil in hand, applying it directly to her lip, the sting was gone almost immediately. The swelling was still there. I was impressed. And even though she had a dose of benadryl afterward, we had a great opportunity to see this stuff working in action.

So, I apologize for calling it a cult. It could become a cult--let's say if it becomes a spiritual thing to treat with herbs instead of doctors. But now, I think it is a very nice resource to have and know about. What about you guys? What is your herbal knowledge and practice? Where do you guys fall on the herbal to traditional medicine ratio?

And if any of my friends who are herbal cult leaders can forgive me for calling them herbal cult leaders, I'd be so thankful...


Kathryn said...

Well, i'm on board.

Yesterday, after being in pain for several days, i had a glass (about 10 oz) of tart cherry juice. Studies show it to be as effective as Motrin. It was. (However, too much has the same effect as prune juice, something i'd rather avoid.) I had another glass this AM. Ninety percent of the pain is gone.

I treat my own (& my hubby's) colds/flu with quite a concoction of stuff. It doesn't taste very good, but it seems effective. We take Vitamin D3 every day (or most days) at about 6,000 units per day. If i feel ill, i will take a huge dose for a couple of days, say 12-20,000 units.

Since my current poor, poor functioning seems to be a direct result of (fluoride-based) antibiotics 3 years ago, i'm not willing to take meds whether OTC or Rx. I've treated UTIs with herbals & food.

My favorite resources with websites are Doctor Yourself & Hawkes' Health

So, i'm already crazy & "in the cult." I do believe, very firmly believe, that what God created is much better (if sometimes slower) than what man has done. Faster isn't better, tho in our culture it is hard to convince folks of that. What man has created often has rather severe side effects, where as God's creations rarely do.

Becky said...

I'm half and half. I like to use herbs, but if I've got a really bad headache I'll take something if the White Willow doesn't work, and I'm pretty quick to grab NyQuil at night when I have a bad cold.
The herbal half has to give a big shout out for Plantain though. I have used it when stung several times by a hornet that flew down my dress once when I was mowing. I'm alergic to them, and was a bit skeptical on how well it might work. But, since we were out of Benedryl, and 20 min. from the hospital, I had to do something. Hubby put it on my back and within 15 min. the whelts were already gone. Also, I never did have the breathing problem I've had in the past with even one sting.
I've also used aloe on a 2nd and 3rd degree burn my oldest daughter got once when she dropped a big stock pot, right off the stove and full of cooked chicken and it's broth, down her leg and onto her foot. We just skinned the leaf from a VERY large plant and put the whole interior right on the burned areas. We kept them clean, peeled the dead skin off as it came, and kept on putting aloe on it 'til it healed. She didn't even scar from it, although you can see where the burned areas were for a few min when she gets out of a hot shower.

Mrs. Santos said...

I forgive you for calling me a cult leader, I have been called worse. Nutrition and herbs have given me FREEDOM. I no longer depend on doctors and their (beware here comes cult talk) "experiments" for healing.

The body was designed to heal itself and if you give it what it needs, it will address it's own health challenges. It's called the immune system and organs etc. The problem is, most of us don't get what we need (vitamins and minerals) in our food to care for these systems.

I suggest watching the film "Food Matters" if you're serious about knowing more about this "cult" ;)


The dB family said...

Are we talking fresh herbs here? We do use echinicea during cold and flu season and oscilicocceanum to prevent the flu because we don't do the flu shot thing. Both are herbal, but not fresh. I confess, I'm a synthetic med junkie when it comes to migraines. I tried the natural route for months, but it didn't work. I was sad, but I need kick butt effectiveness when it comes to migraines.

I want to join the cult, but I always feel there's too many ifs.

Organizing Mommy said...

Oh goodie! I have real "cult leaders" who read this blog--thanks Kathryn and Mrs. Santos. I will try to find the name of the book and the author--so far google searches are not getting me anywhere.

Yes, it is kind of exciting, and there's still plenty of time to grow things! I just saw some echinacea up today.. woot!

And I have had a sore throat for almost 3 weeks, so a son of aforementioned cult leader told me to crush up a garlic clove on a spoon and fill the spoon with honey. And then slug it down. It worked.. very cool.

Mrs. Parunak said...

I'm pretty sympathetic to herbs, but I still don't know too much about them. Maybe you can evangelize me after you become a fanatic.