Wednesday, July 7, 2010

in which I confirm my self-righteous pug status

I glanced back to the cart behind me.

Oh twinkies--do they still make those things?

And hostess ding dongs.. oatmeal creme pies.. I remember those weren't so bad.

Oh, and Imperial margarine.. yes, margarine. I didn't think people ate that stuff anymore either

And then I made a mental game of it. Is there possibly anything in this cart that I would actually eat?

Ramen noodles? probably not
Fruity pebbles? nah
boxed mashed potatoes? strange
brown gravy mix? probably has MSG and other weird stuff
canned veggies? on occasion, when nothing fresh looks good, but definitely not at this time of the year.

And the cart was bursting to overflowing with these non-food foods. And so was its driver.

The under-nourished of this age are not small, or lacking food. They are lacking in food--real food. How much non-food can a person consume anyway? And when people are poor and they need government assistance (often for good reasons) and they get help to buy food, do they really get food?

Not that I'm an expert in this. Although, sometimes I think I must be. Even though I love the taco bell drive-thru. We don't live there, you know. It's too expensive and gross.

What we had for dinner tonight: Black beans (cooked from dried in the pressure cooker) and brown rice. Topped with homemade salsa of free veggies that I got from a friend. The salsa had 100% raw veggies, and it was quite yummy. Top the pile of beans with cheese/ sour cream/ tortilla chips or just eat with a tortilla.

Nothing special, since it was what we had Monday night also. And I do not consider this radical eating. We aren't health fanatics. Or maybe I've just gotten used to it, and it doesn't seem very special to me.

But I can tell you that if I were forced to eat the food in the cart behind me, it would be very "unspecial" indeed.

And then I feel that even mentioning all this makes me look and feel a little self righteous and pug-ish. For which I apologize--especially if you are sitting there right now, wolfing down a twinkie. Just enjoy it in peace, baby. Just go right ahead. No guilt. Wash it down with a Dr. Pepper and call it a day.

yeah.. then again, most of my readers are herbal-cult leaders, so they will not be sitting there with a twinkie. They probably are finishing off the last of their tabouleh with some sparkling, organic lemon water.. yeah. me too.


Braley Mama said...

HA! I eat more like you, but think it would be fun to down a twinkie once in a while;O)

Kathryn said...

There are times i feel my cart must look schizophrenic. (Also to the folks who track what i buy - i have one of those "discount" cards that track your purchases. I don't care - let 'em see!)

Organic raspberries, strawberries, avocado, tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli, & bell pepper in the same cart with Fritos & Doritos. (My husband eats those, & even tho he knows my opinion of them, i will still buy them on occasion. Originally i'd told him i wouldn't protest if HE bought them, but that I wouldn't do the purchasing. I've backed down from that.)

I do buy the off thing for me on occasion. We were at the movies recently & i felt like something sweet & bought something they had. I didn't eat 1/2 of it (& hated the waste). I guess i've been spoilt by good chocolate & candy, because, i swear what came out of that box tasted like plastic.

I'm always surprised to hear that people still eat margarine, or hydrogenated shortening. I'm afraid i tend to be a snob about that too (& worse), but i try to curtail it.

Jenny said...

I play a form of that game at the supermarket, but it's usually at the checkout line. I always wonder if the checker compares one purchase with the next. I look at mine -- which is usually laden with fresh produce and non-processed foods -- and then I look at the one in front of me. I begin to ponder what their lives at home must be like. Do they know the health benefits of non-processed foods? Does the mom work? Is she single? And on and on I go. Sounds weird, but in the end it leaves me reflective and thankful.

sara said...

I usually just wonder what people think of my own cart. 4 boxes of generic shredded wheat? really?

BTW, we just got back from our trip. My boys loved the whole thing, even the camping portion. I survived and it was worth it to see them so happy.

DarcyLee said...

We eat our share of junk food but it's what I make from scratch for the most part-brownies, cookies, etc. with the occasional bag of chips. Twinkies are pretty expensive compared to what I can make, though, which was my initial motive. Now, it's about our budget, yes, but it's also about getting our biggest nutritional bang for our bucks. I think eating convenience and fast food is all about just that-it's fast and convenient. If I didn't have the time to make the foods we eat, we probably would depend more on ready-made foods.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bean,you have made a convert of me! When your dad refused to eat the cheap hot dogs I bought, I took them out of the freezer and used them like an icepack for my insulated lunch sack. Yay Jena! yay Dad! Yay frozed pieces parts in a casing! Mom

Organizing Mommy said...

Wouldn't those hotdogs begin to stink after a while? Or do you just keep using them over and over as an icepack?

The Boojes said...

I'm with ya! We get our share of "junk", but it's usually not in the packaged form. Thanks for posting. I don't comment often, but I often read! =)

Ruby said...

We eat pretty well I think. I actually avoid the lollies, soft drink aisles unless we are having some ones birthday.
Have just had a yummy and healthy chicken and veg. meal (evening here) and I have my cup of lemon and ginger tea by the computer :-)The rest of the day I confess, I drink coffee.
Mind you, everyone loves a take away meal if it's on offer! The trolley loaded with junk food and its owner make me a little sad :-(

The dB family said...

Lol! I was reading this post and thinking, oh my goodness, this is so me! Then I read Jenny's comment and laughed even harder. I do the EXACT SAME THING, Jenny!

I'm going to go have my plain oatmeal now, and I'd wash it down with a Dr. Pepper if I had any. I love Dr. Pepper!


Mrs. Parunak said...

That cart makes me a little sad, too. I think I'll go eat some fresh blueberry sour cream pie (made from scratch, of course, with fresh antioxidant-rich blueberries, and um, lots of sugar...).

Becky said...

Yeah, I tend to look into grocery carts too, and can usually feel pretty good about what's in mine. But, then there are the late night runs to the convience store for my hubby when all that's on the counter are gummy worms (can anyone say gross with me here?), Mike&Ike (another yuck), Reese pieces (yet another yuck as I dislike peanut butter), and those carmel thingys with some sort of cream(yeah right) center. I'll admit to swiping a snickers for myself at the same time, but hubby is really a candy freak.

Frugal Babe said...

This post rang so true for me. When I grocery shop, my entire cart is filled with fresh produce (not as much these days thanks to the garden!), bulk nuts and seeds, and a few random bottles of things like coconut milk and veganaise. I shop at a health food store, so most of the other carts look somewhat similar. But it always shocks me when I go to Costco to stock up on frozen organic fruits and veggies. The carts there are often loaded with cases of soda, huge bags of chips, cases of mac-n-cheese, and all sorts of other stuff... in vast quantities, since it's Costco. Always a bit of an eye-opener.