Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Thanks to everyone for your encouraging words about the LAUNDRY TALKs. Some of my Facebook friends are having a fun time extrapolating the ideas like sending prayer requests on recycled dryer sheets. And calling me a "laundry missionary".. even so, I appreciate the feedback.

I really appreciate your ideas on topics to cover also. It's hard to fill a bunch of sessions talking about dryer lint, which is probably what I would resort to if I ran out of ministry related ideas.
So, thanks for sparing my readers from arduous viewing sessions.

Speaking of arduous, it's time to take a break from work. Not me, though. I only get a break from work when I'm sleeping, and that is questionable. Sometimes, I wake up exhausted because I've been "running" in my dream..

So, who is getting a break from work? My dear husband, Will. His company has a planned two week break starting next week. I think you remember how I was agonizing on what is the best way to spend this time? Was it: the Grand Canyon? a trip to South Dakota?? or North Dakota? or what?

It looks like "or what?" got the billet this time. Before I tell you all about what we are doing, let me say what we will do first. First, we are going to Minnesota to visit the Webber grandparents at their cottage on the Lake. I am a huge fan of Minnesota cottages and lakes. The sunsets, the warm days and cool evenings. I love it all. I like cottage food. and cottage desserts. What can I say? I love my mother in law's cooking. No one does it quite like she does.

And our original plan was to launch right from Minnesota and continue to head west. Except we aren't. Have you ever felt obligated to do something but lacked the energy to carry it through because it was clear that the Lord wasn't in it? That's sort of the way this has panned out. Other than lacking the necessary funds to travel, there wasn't a God-given drive to go anywhere. (which is unusual for me.. Germany anyone? )

So, we are planning a stay-cation-- a vacation where you stay at home and do all the cool things in your own little area. We are planning fun meals, fun activities, ministry related things and all the things that we are hoping will bond our family together. After all those rocks will still be there next year, if we choose to travel next year. And maybe then we'll have some funding for travel. Or not. And that is fine also. Lack of funds is a nice way of God hemming us in, to assure us we are in his will. And there's a certain security in that, you know?

So, I am really looking forward to our time at the lake in Minnesota. And while I was telling my pilates students that I would be gone for the week and they would have a sub next week, one of regulars said,

"Oh! I just love it when you go to Minnesota and come back. You always talk so funny. I love that Minnesota accent"

(I think what she meant was Yooper accent, which is just like a Minnesota accent)

to which I replied:

"Whaaaaat do Ya Meeean? dat I tok like a Minnie soattan?"


Braley Mama said...

How awesome!!!! I like that idea, very good to stay in His will too ;O)

The Boojes said...

We're thinking we might need to nix our vacation plans this year too (our "just us" vacation). I'm glad you get to enjoy the time together as a family, though!

Becky said...

Enjoy your trip!!

Kristi Lea said...

I hope you enjoy Minnesota! We have stayed home for vacation many a times, and have enjoyed it very much. There is much peace in being in the Lord's will, and I applaud you for listening for it!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Good for you! Sounds like a fun time, with all the conveniences of home. Oh... yah.

Have fun ;D


Mrs. Parunak said...

Sounds perfect! I often dream of a stay-cation myself--it sounds so much more relaxing and low-key.

The dB family said...

Sounds like a wonderful two weeks! Enjoy!