Sunday, July 11, 2010

wrapped up with the organizing mommy's clothing..

Before the Tim Hawkin's concert, we joined some of our friends at a Mexican restaurant. While we were enjoying our tacos, enchiladas, and chimichangas, the topic of cars came up.

Ken, the dad of the other family, has a thing for cars. I always knew that he must like cars since he drives a sort of fancy sports car (you can see how brand names and all that impress me so much that I remember them..). Thankfully, they only have two children or else they could not all crowd everyone into a sports car, they might actually have to resort to a minivan..

A minivan?? the horror! His advice to his son was to make sure he got a nice car before he graduated from college and got married OR ELSE he'd have to have a ... minivan! (And that was really going to be a problem for him?) How could he ever face himself in the mirror, knowing that his son had condescended to a mini-van?

Now, I'm glad people open up to us and tell us how they really feel about things, without fear of .. you know.. sounding snobby and all. It makes me feel special. Just because the nicest car we own is a mini-van. The donated car runs and all and that is special. And the 15 passenger runs also, and that is also special. But the minivan is our nicest car! And so, you guys know me..

I really can not let a subject drop. And I know these guys. They are fine with this. They are fine with reading this too, and if they aren't? well, bop me already.

"So, it really seems like a large part of who you are in wrapped up in the type of car you own.."
(yes, I really said that to the dad)

My husband sipping his coke, turning his head the other way, talking Spanish to no one in particular..

"It was born and bred into me. My father worked for GM.." (many strange excuses came forth)

"Hey, I wasn't trying to make a diagnosis here. I am just making an observation. It's neither good nor bad.."

But it was too late. A large part of him was getting defensive. But this guy and I go around and around on stuff. And like.. I really do not mind confrontation.

So, then the car subject drove away, and we started discussing clothing. And I told his wife (one of my good buddies who doesn't get her self esteem from her car) that I really liked her outfit--especially her shirt. She told me it was second hand. I was shocked. Gorgeous. And then I had to confess that everything I had on was thrifted, right down to the shoes. And I held up my foot to the table.

(Same Spanish conversation going on with no one in particular when my foot went up..)

And touche' the next comment heard was,

"It seems like you are a little wrapped up in this thrift store clothing shopping"

To which I could only laugh uproariously. I knew I'd been beat at my own game.

So, yeah. I'm wrapped up in it. (literally and figuratively)

And we had a great time all around. Wish you all could have been there. Think I better go wrap myself up in some thrifted sheets and blankets now..

Moms the word: Make my home sing Monday.


Jenny P. said...

I'm playing this conversation like a movie in my head and can't stop giggling. Too funny!

Braley Mama said...

Oh man, your husband cracks me up this story:O) Good one!

momstheword said...

I remember I was thrilled when we finally bought a mini-van. It just made everything so much easier!

I, too, love thrifting and can't wait to show off what I got to hubby or kids (depending on what I bought). Thanks for linking up!

sara said...

It really does sound like a movie! Oh I could never intentionally have a conversation like that. Unintentionally? All the time. I am so uncomfortable with confrontation.

I love reading about your life in part because you are so transparent and, what's the word? out there? You just put your weirdness (not that I'm calling you weird or anything) out there and laugh at yourself and I LOVE THAT. I wanna be just like you when I grow up.

Mrs. Parunak said...

Great story, beautifully told. It was really fun getting to "meet" you on the phone today! I hope we can do it in person sometime.

Organizing Mommy said...

Sara: you need a higher goal and better role models. LOL. But thanks all the same.

Mrs. P: you endured our phone visit nicely. Well done child. Anyone else want punishment? You can be my phone friend.

The dB family said...

Lol! Oh fun! My husband would likely do the same thing as yours. Heh! At least they'd have each other to talk Spanish to :o).