Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another school year starting!!

Feast your eyes on the world's laziest homeschooling mommy. She's swingin' her way through life, hedgehogging at every available opportunity. It's tough, but somebody's gotta do it.
Just ask those kids of mine. Yeah, she's cool alright.

So, here we are--ready or not for our first big schooling day--properly clad in the uniform d' Hallstrom: polo shirts and nice quality jeans/ skirts. Backpacks on and ready to roll.
So, what is everyone taking this year? Let's start with Hud. Poor 'lil Hud, barely over 6 feet and only a freshman. One of his teachers was surprised he was only 14. "I thought he was a senior!!" Oh, now, he's not puffed up at all, now is he?

Classes for Hudson, 9th grade "shortie" and light eater.. LOL.
Modern European History
World Literature
Ultimate Frisbee
Algebra I
Hey!! What's this coconut cream pie doing here? Yum. OK. Non-sequitor.

Classes for Joanna, 11th grader and great inheritor of Jamie's room..

American History
British Literature
Spanish 3
Advanced Art
and maybe.. Sign Language II. (needs a schedule re-work)

Schedule for "Than"--"smiley dude" and big 7th grader (almost 13 year old)

Roots (Vocabulary class)
Sound and Sense (Writing class)
Mideival and Reniassance History (how do you spell those words???!! ugh.)
Algebra 1/2 (Pre-Algebra, Saxon)
Sign Language I
Schedule for Emily: our kindergardener!!

Fabric Fun (a must-have, highly academic)
Animal Science (actually kind of high brow for this age group)
Elementary Art (she's all about art!)
P.E. (we sort of missed this today, but 4 out of 5 isn't too bad)
Literature around the world (think: hearing stories and doing crafts)

These are the Hallstrom classes that the kids are taking, but to be honest with you, I actually teach Emily kindergarden skills at home. (Be still my heart.. she's actually teaching??)

While I'm still in my pjs and drinking coffee, Emily starts pulling at my sleeves and nagging me to start school. After a while, I give in, and we do one (concentrated) hour of school a day--even on the weekends. (She's such a tyrant)

What do I do for one hour? I'll have to show you some day. Although, it would not be fair for any new homeschoolers to watch us do school because she is one of those easy learner types who is very eager. It's such a blessing to end on such an easy note, with our "caboose" being so easy to teach. In general, we do pre-reading and reading activities, including writing. (For some reason, she has already mastered the alphabet and the basic phonetic sounds, which is what I would normally do in kindergarden). We do something called "Fun Thinkers" which reinforces the elementary math and pre-reading skills in a non-writing sort of way. We spend some time with the abacus, cuisenaire rods and a basic workbook.

And we do all of that in one hour? Yes. But I am very focused and know what I am looking for. (There's got to some advantage of being the 5th homeschooled child!!)

Let's put it this way. A very experienced mommy can do in one hour what an inexperienced one can do in two hours,
what the public schools can do in about 6 hours.. (and send home homework)..

So, there you have it. The hedgehog is schooling again. Jiggety jig.


Sabrina said...

I'm the newbie, inexperienced one!! :) We're getting into the swing of things.

Kathryn said...

Well, i'm not going to be doing any of those things, but i sure enjoy hearing about it vicariously. :)

Here's to a blessed & fun school year! (How is the "one fledgling out of the nest" syndrome coming along?)

Just saying "Hi, i'm still here" even tho i've nothing of substance to say. :)

Mrs. Parunak said...

Nice to see your fresh beginning. It's inspiring. I don't take summers off, so we're still just chugging along. Mommy is having a grand old time (bwahahaha). The children think it's work. Which it is, so I can't really blame them.

Hope your upcoming year is fabulous!

MommaMindy said...

Wow, starting already? I always have to give myself all of August off, and start after Labor Day. My homeschool co-op starts in September, so I still have a little time to pull it all together for my 16th? year of homeschooling. I kinda' lost track. BTW, what is Hallstrom? Do you go daily, or is it a once a week coop? Have a great year, sister!

Becky said...

I wish our caboose were that interested in school. She's smart, but totally unmotivated. I'm working on finding something that'll really interest her and see if she takes the bait.

Lindsey said...

I admire anyone who can homeschool. My son and I just don't have the temperament for it. He wants to do the opposite of everything Mom says.

Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

I just posted our first day of homeschooling pics today too! And OOOO I love yours! You are much more seasoned than I - with so many older children. I bet I could learn a lot off of you!!! Thanks for the pics - looks like a great first day!!! You have some precious students there!

May God bless your new school year!

Organizing Mommy said...

Hi everyone!! Thanks for such encouraging comments! Hallstrom is a once a week co-op. It is a co-op on steriods..LOL. We pay the teachers, etc. But it is awesome for accountability, academics, and just plain fun--Ultimate Frisbee, anyone??

Mindy: Schools in this part of the world ALL start at this time! I grew up where they all started after Labor Day also. Being part of a structured co-op takes some of the freedom away from homeschooling, but it is a choice I chose to make for the accountability.

Kathryn: Glad you are still here!!

Sabrina and Courtney: hang in there! It does get easier! I loved homeschooling the four-pack when they were little. I miss those crazy times.

Mrs. P: Yes, we were ONCE around the year schoolers! (Up until 6th grade with the oldest) And then, we changed courses!

Love you guys!

Jenny P. said...

Wow, there's a class in ultimate frisbee? I wish I had gone to Hallstrom!

Glad you're all off to a wonderful start! Emily really is a little genius -- she knew most of her letter sounds back in April when I was playing with her :)

The dB family said...

Sounds like a great year! I'll live vicariously through you for a few months anyway.

A new school year is always so fun and exciting! Enjoy!


Lesa's Life said...

Have a wonderful school year! ADORE the jean skirt, by the way.