Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blessings to ponder as I drift off to sleep

Even though the past week has been sweltering, I am sitting here with the windows open--writing to you! Yes, for the first time in over a month? the AC is off! Woot!

Last week Will had a business trip in Phoenix, AZ. Could someone please remind me to move to Phoenix? Even though it was over 100, the humidity was only 15%. I think I could handle that.

(After I move to the Pacific Northwest to be near Julie, and to lower MI, to be near Mrs. P, and wherever the rest of you live!!)

But here is something we have here:
My dear Joanna took these pictures. It was just as beautiful as it looks.
It's so magnificent seeing such a big rainbow--how can you not look up and see God's goodness and love written all over it? It's his way of saying "I love you" for those of us who have colors for a love language.
Here's Emily's new way of saying "I love you".. I get little signs across the room from her.

Yes, I love you too, sweetie.

Someone once told me that my blog had way too many pictures of Emily, and they are right. So, tell Jo to stop taking so many of them!
And tell her to stop posing so cute, like. She's not as adverse to the heat like I am, and she managed to model her "new" green peacoat and a scarf that Jo just finished.
We thought the whole thing looked very "L.L. Bean" like. (Hip coat, $5.00, garage sale, pants $.50 or so, and scarf-- hand dyed wool from the stash)
So, here are some photos of the big kids. A rousing game of "beat up your brother" after the spicy Mexican meat last Sunday with Shawn. Remember how I decided to invite the entire chapel over and tried to kill them off with spicy food??? Shawn was here for the meal and game.
We're a non-violent family, as you can see.
Well, at least there was no blood.
Some people say this one here is the cutest. Can't decide myself, but he is a love.
Then again, so is she. What am I thinking? They are all loves.
That same day, Emily and her friend, Jenna were having a time in the yard also.

And this...

This is what the back view looks like in the summer. Sometimes hot, sometimes muggy, but always beautiful at sundown.

When the day is done, the sun has set, and the chicks are in their nests, and a mom finally puts her head down on her pillow. She looks around the room, even though the lights are off. It is still, quiet and calm. Some moms fall right to sleep. Not me.

I sit there and think about all the good things the Lord did that day, and how wonderful it is to be his child. And I ask God to keep my husband, and my children, my Mom and Dad and family to see one more day. There's nothing quite like that feeling right before you drift off to sleep, savoring all the good things of the day, and wishing it would not change. I wish I could capture this day, this moment in my life and keep it. So, I choose right then and there to relive anythings that I fear I will lose by morning.

And I remind myself that it will take an eternity in heaven to live all that I've missed on earth, and I am fine with that. And I trust God. Earth wasn't meant to be captured and savored. This isn't the final story. This isn't the climax on a good piece of literature. This is just the "pre-reading" activity, if you will. And I have permission to miss a few things. a lot of things.

And then, and only then, I go to sleep.


momstheword said...

I kind of go through my day at the end of the day, too. Well, in a way and if I'm not to tired.

Hey, it's your blog and you can print as many pictures as you want too, lol! Oh, and if you move to the Pacific NW you'll be moving near me, too, haha!

So you and I'll be saying good-bye to our college bound kids this week. I wanted to send him with some homemade frozen meals but doubt it would survive the trip, haha!

Thanks for linking up today.

Jenny P. said...

:) Always love seeing pictures.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh that is beautiful - you summed it up Just Right.


Joyfull said...

Loved the pictures and the post! I am a bit jealous of no a/c though!! It is in the 90's here with high humidity...yuck!! Have a blessed week!

Mrs. Parunak said...

Delightful as usual! Love all the cute pictures of your kids, the view from your backyard, and that incredible rainbow!

MommaMindy said...

Who's Julie from the PNW? Do we need to meet? momstheword and I are purposing to meet...soon....when our busy worlds can collide without too much damage...

Organizing Mommy said...

Oh Mindy: Meet "Herding Grasshoppers" Julie--homeschool mother of 3 boys.. Julie, meet Mindy. Yes, you all should meet. And I'll sit here in northern IL just wishin'

Herding Grasshoppers said...

oooo, THREE readers from the PNW?

where are you ladies?

I'm way, way up in the corner. Practically Canada.
But I don't say "eh" ;D


The dB family said...

What a beautiful beautiful post! So very true!

And I do say, "eh", eh? ;o) But I'm not in the PNW of the north, I'm hanging among the great lakes, eh!