Monday, August 30, 2010

I love this video.

This is Anita Renfroe, of Women of Faith. She is so talented and creative.

I like it but I should have put some cream on it.. LOL!!


singtothelord2 said...

yes she is very creative. I had never heard the real song, but I guess the little neighbor girl of 4 years old sings the real version. Scary! Now I have that line stuck in my head... "I like it but I should have put some cream on it" or excersiced it... hee hee..

Eos Mom said...

That is fabulous!!! Made my morning!

Organizing Mommy said...

This video is a parody on so many levels. It's rather high brow, if you think about it.
In the original with Beyonce (Single Ladies), she's gyrating around and telling her man that he should have put a ring on it.. (like dishing out the milk wants any man want to buy the cow? duh.)
And the entire "youth culture" is rebuked when we see the confidence and fun these older wrinkled ladies are having. They are content with their bodies and they want to show it off. What else? The cheesy choreography and hip gyrations are so crude that these older gals make it fun and not so sticky and syrupy-- they make it real.

Perhaps some were offended by the ladies in their tight outfits? I think they are pure beautiful because they are enjoying themselves and happy in their own "skin" wrinkles, chubby and all.

Lesa's Life said...

I laughed so much, my eye makeup ran. Hilarious! I have to share this one!!!