Saturday, August 7, 2010


Thank you everybodeeeeeeeeee!!!! (And to my new reader, Sheri!)

It's so nice to know that you not only have "readers", but you have "pray-ers".. and yes, I am feeling much better. I love my boy, and my mini-meltdown is all part of the letting go process, but I have my spunk back.

For Sheri (and any other potential new readers)-- I grew up in the U.P. of Michigan. I am a pure-bred Yooper who thinks she's "living large" now because she's only 2 hours west of Chicago (in Rockford, IL)--nevermind the fact that I have a herd of cows living right behind our house and there are just as many rednecks in "Winnebago" (my current part of Rockford) as there are anywhere else in the world. And my husband's parents grew up in Minnesota. I think Marshall (for his mom) and Austin (for his dad). The Lake in the photos is called Lake Miltona near Alexandria.

I am not sure that they actually tell Eino and Toivo jokes in Minnesota, but they sound like they should know them. And if I can visit a location (like MN or ND), I usually come back sounding like a Yooper because of the Scandinavian influence in those areas.

Speaking of jokes, I stayed up late Friday?? night reading blogs, and hopped over to that crazy Julie's blog Herding Grasshoppers. She linked to Catalog Living in one of her posts. O.K., I was wiping my eyes, laughing so hard on this one.

About having guests, I think I pulled my annual "fire in the pot" type of torture your guests kind of food. For all of you at our chapel who conveniently had something else to do rather than come to our house, you made a good choice.

It's like this. I thought I would invite the entire church over for lunch. It's not that big of a deal when you have spontaneous feeding of the masses in your blood. The only problem is getting them to come. I mean, ONE bad dish and they all run scared. And the set-your-mouth-on-fire Mexican meat could be that one dish. I had a package of 10 pounds of portillos beef, and added (only 5~) cans of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce to the mix. I thought it would be bland.

It would have been great if I had just invited the 40 and under crowd, but I had some of the over 60 crowd who were not raised on Tex-Mex. So glad for the Lord's provision of peanut butter and jelly. There's nothing quite like coming to someone's house and eating pbj's for lunch. And YES, everyone was gracious about it. Jason was especially gracious, since he was able to eat up the burritos the older ladies made up and couldn't eat.. and then eat a few more. His wife, Tabatha, was also gracious since she agreed to take home some of the extra salsa.

Thankfully, the chocolate zucchini bread made up for all of the sins of our past dinner performances. And they shall all return for another meal if our precious Jo makes some yummy vittles (and not her crazy mother)...

Speaking of chocolate zucchini bread, have you made this yet? You do not have permission NOT to make this, unless you happen to be living somewhere in the world where you can not find zucchini. But if you live anywhere in the U.S. and it is growing out of your ears, by the minute even, and you happen to have bionic soil and hot & humid August days, you are required to make this.

Growing zucchini is just a part of our American tradition. It isn't something anyone particularly likes, but no one hates it, so that's good enough reason to grow it. I could write an entire post on zucchini, and maybe I will. But for now, I'll have you know that
my home is singing. Come over to Moms the Word for the link up.

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