Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rockford Favorites..

I'm one of those weirdos who actually LIKES where I live. I know. I know.. strange. And because not everyone in the world knows where to go for the good stuff in an off the map location like Rockford, I thought I'd put up some of my favorites.

If you come to visit me, for example, I would probably take you to these places and see my "peeps" so to speak, or at least my favorite places in town.

One of those places is the: Juice Energy Cafe, located inside the Rockford YMCA downtown branch. Meet some of my "peeps"--
Owners of the Y Cafe, Michael and Dani--aren't they cute?
No, they do not have a website up yet, but they have been there for about two years or more. Michael Wasserman and his wife, Dani, run the place with impeccable standards. Most of the items are organic or very high quality. There is absolutely no "skimping" on quality or freshness for them.

They serve a variety of soups, sandwiches, salads, smoothies, natural fruit drinks, coffee and espresso drinks, and a variety of homemade baked goods (healthy and indulgent).

More than the food, there are every day reminders of the Lord Jesus and who he is-- Bible verses up and displayed as well as God-honoring photography and art. My husband, as well as others, use the cafe as a meeting place for Bible study and fellowship. I've been very encouraged at how the Lord uses the cafe--not only to nourish our bodies, but our souls as well.

And I do not think you have to be a member of the Y to go to the Cafe. At the main entrance of the Y, tell them you would like to go to the Cafe only, and they should let you in. Then again, why not just go ahead and join the Y?? (I think I'll save that for another post)..

By the way, no one asked me to write this AND I am not getting reimbursement in the form of money or extra fruit smoothies because I'm writing this. I just thought, "Hey! I believe in what these folks are doing. I think the world needs to hear about it."


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Mrs. Parunak said...

Yum! That smoothie in your picture looked so delicious! If I'm ever in Rockford, I'll have to keep your friends in mind.

The dB family said...

This almost makes me want to move to Rockford! What a blessing to have such a special couple running a delicious business in your own town.


Anonymous said...

ooo...I wish we had something like that in our Y! Sounds fantastic!