Sunday, August 29, 2010

Update on the "kid" and college memoriesS

At the risk of letting you think that I have no "life" outside of my children, I'd like to report on how Jamie is doing at college. Keep in mind that classes haven't even started yet, but so far this entire first week of orientation to college life and ROTC is going well for him.
My first real friend at college (back in 1988-89?), Amy is brought back into my life at this time. The Lord believes in full circles, I'm convinced. He likes the interwoven-ness of it all.

So I was a sophomore in college when a Bible mysteriously appeared on one of the beds in my college dorm suite. There were two rooms, connected by a middle room and a bathroom. It was a great setup. I signed up "by faith" for whoever the Lord would put in my room.

The Lord gave me Amy. Amy's big, beautiful smile was almost as big as her compassionate heart. She was raised in a Christian home and had a Christian boyfriend, even. I had been gloriously saved for not even an entire year. I had enough zeal to fill a mac truck, but only enough knowledge to shift into drive. And DRIVE, I did--pretty much full time, full speed. I really had no boundaries of who or what I would do for the Lord. But half the time I spent spinning my wheels.

And Amy was stable. She helped me learn to eat breakfast. She and I used to get up and pray together in the mornings. We even lived with Susan off campus. (that's another story for another day, but the short of it is: I hated it)

So, Amy gets engaged during the middle of our junior year. Brian had plans to finish Bible college and serve the Lord full time. Amy was going to finish student teaching after they were married. They were married in August right before our senior year of college.

Life was changing. I had to find new friends and new ways to love my friend and stay connected with her--and not be jealous (LOL!). And then, right before her wedding, I got engaged. She and I stayed connected our senior year because she was in my wedding, even though she had moved to Grand Rapids. (School was in Kalamazoo: WMU)

And then as you can imagine, our lives took very different turns. Amy and Brian were learning to serve the Lord as a "youth pastor and wife" and started having children. While we were traipsing all over the word as "Air Force pilot and wife"--both of us producing children at a furious pace LOL.

So, in the past 20 years, we have seen each other--twice or three times? The most recent time was in 2006. Brian was asked to pastor a little church in the U.P. (most of their time was spent near Lansing, MI up until this time). And guess where that little church is? Houghton, MI--(technically, Dollar Bay) right near where Jamie is going to school: Michigan Technological University.
So, I have encouraged Jamie to get involved with their church, Bethany Baptist. There's even a little bus that goes on campus to pick up students, so he got on it and went.

Now, keep in mind, our way of doing church is very different from the way things are in "normal" churches. I was kind of wondering how Jamie would adjust to culture shock.
So, I called Amy to see how he did.

After the first church service ended, Jamie was shown around by Mrs. Knight (Amy).

Jamie: "Where are all these people going?"
Amy: "They are going upstairs for another service"
Jamie: "There's another meeting?"
Amy:"It's the same as you went to earlier"
Jamie: "You mean they do it all AGAIN?? The exact SAME thing?"
Amy:" Yup. same thing"
Jamie: ??

So, other than going through culture shock of being a different kind of church, he said it was going well. And "Brain was the speaker today".. He told me. I hate to break it to him, but "Brian" is probably going to be the speaker most of the time. That's how the churches do it. But he told me "Brian did a good job."

So, I'm encouraged that he got some fellowship today, even if he missed breakfast and lunch again. The kid is having a hard time getting food! We're going to visit him next weekend and I fear he'll be greeting us with a rope around his waist, holding his pants up.

I have discovered that you can buy these microwaveable black beans in a pouch. They were only $.99 at Woodmans, and I bought several bags. There are also microwaveable brown rice bags also. Who knew? So, I have already started stockpiling food items for him. At least if he has some black beans and rice, it will sort of feel like mama's food.

He appears to be too busy to eat and it's only orientation! So, our main goal is praying that he'll learn how to 1) get to cafeteria on time in order to eat and 2) find some foods that he does like once he gets there.

That's what's making my home sing this week!


lifessmalltreasures said...

I have been a reader of your blog for a little while now...not sure if I have ever commented, but today when I read this post I just HAD too :~P.

Let me first introduce myself :)
My name is Amy and I am a Stay at home mom of 5 children. Madison 12, Mackenzie 10, Maxwell and Marissa (twins) 8 and Maribeth 18 months. We live in Michigan (SE Michigan near Detroit).

BUT we have been to the UP MANY times, and have actually visited that church.on one of our visits :~).

My husband's grandparents were born and raised in Calumet just north of Houghton and that is where they both lived during their retirement until they passed away. We have since inherited their home there. but due to work, and family we have not been able to head back up there since, but we hope too very soon. :~)

Sorry for all the ramblings, just wanted to say hello, and say...what a small world.


Kathryn said...

Hi there -

your post has me quite curious. What is the format of your church usually that your son finds this "culture shock"? Not being snarky, but very curious.

We've been church hopping & would like to get into a small group. Is that what your service is like, (a "homeschooling" type church?) or another form altogether?

Thanks. Hope you had a good weekend. :)

momstheword said...

Glad to have the update and glad to see that you were converted to breakfast.

I'm not sure that my son is eating at college either, haha! However, he did call me and ask a cooking question, so he did eat that day at least. I haven't been able to get him to eat breakfast in years, however (his dad doesn't eat it either).

Your link on the meme didn't work. When I clicked it, it said "page not found." I am going to try and link it again for you, and then I'll delete the old link.

momstheword said...

O.k., I added the new link and deleted the old so you are good to go! Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh Jena,

That boy is just gonna fly... if he can keep fueled up!

And now I'm very curious about your church... do tell!


shopannies said...

what a great story. My son went away to college as well and found that the churchs in the area were a bit different as well. We all worshiped the same God but it was different in size, way things were done etc... I hope you son gets involved and finds a nitch where he feels safe and secure

Mrs. Parunak said...

LOL! I can so picture one of my children growing up and having similar culture shock in a big "normal" church (although, my family is pretty normal and we do visit their church, so maybe it wouldn't feel too strange). I'm glad to know that Jamie is doing so well!

Erin said...

Glad to hear your boy is doing so well and is close to someone to watch over him. My second child is my second son and, at 14, is already telling me he'll probably being doing ROTC. You'll definitely have to keep us posted as your son shares his journey with you.

singtothelord2 said...

glad to hear that he is doing well and trying to adjust.

Toyin O. said...

Great post.