Thursday, August 19, 2010

Women Living Well

Even though my dear husband has no memory of this, I think.... he met Courtney of Women Living Well or her husband during his time at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. He passed along her blog information, and I was like "cool" and promptly forgot about it. You know how I love Twitter? (just kidding).

Anyway, she is following my tweets on twitter and I said, "Hmm... that's looks familiar" and went to her site.

And then I saw this link. You mean she is like... famous? She's been on Rachel Ray? What is she? Some sort of cook? No! She's a 1950's housewife!

The confidence and poise that she possesses is uncanny. I'm a champion for stay at home moms, but she takes it to an all-knew level, wouldn't you say?

She lets that beautiful hair flow so sweetly around her face and shoulders. And I'm sitting here hedgehogging it in (no kidding) bib overalls and no makeup. And I want to reach my hand out and grab what she has. I'm not sure if it's her hairdo, her poise or her confidence in her calling.
But the reason I wanted to re-post her video is because there might be someone out there who needs to see her husband. If he is not the most contented guy that ever lived! Maybe someone's husband needs to see her husband--LOL!

And there are guys out there who want their wives to work outside the home! They aren't able to trust God to provide through their hands, so they think that having that extra income will help them somehow. I would think that if those of us who are quavering about whether or not we should keep our current profession (as homemakers) or trade it in for something lesser could see this long term picture of a happy marriage and home, we would no longer doubt our calling, but pursue it and delight in it with reckless abandon the way this gal does.

I, personally, have a VERY long way to go. God knows how selfish I am. He knows how lazy I am too. And have I mentioned rebellious? and self-seeking? These are just facets of my flesh that I routinely have to get over. But I am encouraged! I love having role models!

One of the things that has discouraged me over the years that I have been married is lack of genuine role models among the women. When we go to a Bible conference and they have a "women's speaker" she is either a psychiatrist, a doctor, a professor, or some other type of professional person. Why do we, as homemakers, need to heed the counsel and advice of "professional" Christian women? Is the advice and counsel of those who, by choice, have chosen to take on homemaking as a God-given call? And what of their daily lives and struggles relates to what I am going through right now? I'm not interested in professional women who can extrapolate the exegesis (like the men do). I want to know something else! If I wanted to hear the men, I'd be sitting in that forum. Yes, women can and are great Bible teachers--professional or not-- but why must we look to them as our role models? They need to earn that right; it is not handed over to them.

And so, that is my passion--not just to give you examples of godly women, but to be one myself. Some day, my grandchildren may call me a "role model" and I can hardly think of anything better! (Even if they think that Bib-wearing overalled grandmothers are "normal")


Braley Mama said...

Thank you for posting this. Our jobs are very important, even if the world looks at them as not. I love how Rachel Ray said in the beginning..."Women still do this?"
Are you kidding me? Yes Rachel Ray, we do. And that is why you are so popular, because we stay home and watch you, and get recipes to make for our husbands for dinner! You think men watch you, no way Rach!

Herding Grasshoppers said...


That is SO encouraging... what you said, and the video.

Women need all the encouragement we can get, when most of our culture is belittling the value of mom/wife/homemaker.

And Jean, I think you ARE a role model. A friendly, realistic, on-the-journey, God-honoring, hedge-hoggy role model.


Jenny P. said...

Facinating -- I really enjoyed watching this. I was especially intrigued by some of the crowd faces and RR's reactions. It's sad that it is so shocking to put off the "crab" for a few hours until it can be dealt with realistically. That seemed to concern RR that this woman didn't burst out in an emotional volcano all over her hubby when he walked in. Perhaps more marriages would be strong if we all -- males and females -- learned a little about self-control and considering other's needs as well.

Thank you for posting this, lots to think about this evening.

Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

OOOOOO thank you so much for such a sweet post! And for the link up and RR video! You are too kind!!!

LOVE your site!!!

Eos Mom said...

That was a fascinating video, thank you for sharing it! I'm a "whatever works for you" type of person so bravo for them for finding a path that works for them. But I don't think that I am less of a homemaker because my husband does A LOT of our cooking--he likes it more than me, he does it better than me, why shouldn't he cook?

And I think Courney's arrangement is different from the housewife of the 50s because they have an equality (I'm not saying it's the equality I want in marriage, where we do share conversations about money and plans and work etc) but each role is equally valued, the husband sees his wife's role as a job; whereas in the 50s, the wife was not equal (she was often not "allowed" to weigh in on money or other big issues) and her job was (in general) not valued. So really Courtney isn't a throwback but like all modern women, trying to find her place, her role, her job, and Courtney has found it in her home and role as wife and mom and is content with it and I applaud her for that, though I don't desire to live in her shoes.

Kristie @ Me and My House said...

I LOVE her site. Thank you so much for sharing it. I'm so excited for all the learning and growing I'm sure to do from what she has posted.

I love your blitzing too. I think I'm gonna set an hour timer and do a little blitzing myself.

Organizing Mommy said...

Eos Mom,

You are right. I don't want to be exactly in her shoes, but I think she radiates confidence in her little world. It's not the "law" of what she is doing--but the spirit in which she is doing it. In other words, I can not do it like she is--because I'm a hedgehog who sleeps in and I have no problem with my husband helping out!

But I can and did learn from her! That's the fun part for me-finding a role model in this area of my life that does not come naturally for me. Following the spirit looks differently in each person, you know?

And it is one way that the younger women (like Courtney) can encourage us who have been at it for 20 years or more and are wondering: is my heart still in this?? Is this a phase or should I keep doing this?

Thanks Julie. You and my mother are my role models too!! (Actually so are the rest of you!) So, when are you guys going on Rachel Ray? Jenny: I need to watch it again. I was actually surprised at how positive RR was! And nobody said "stepford wife!!" Praise the Lord.

Ruby said...


sara said...

Well, I got inspired to shower - does that count for anything? I think I've been embracing my inner hedgehog.