Sunday, September 12, 2010

Making me sing..

This past week we've been seeing the glories of summer fade beautifully into fall.

The fun times of summer are just a picture.
The sunset happens a lot earlier now, and there's a chill in the air.
It happens every year, and I forget what I like it so much, until it happens again. Suddenly, there's more a bounce in my step and a lightness in my attitude. The repressive heat of summer is letting up, and I can breathe again.

These are simple things, but they seem ever so important to me this year. I have hardly ever fought allergies quite the way I did this year. Any let up in the humidity is a beautiful thing.

It doesn't take much to make my home sing, I guess--just a little fresh air and cooler weather.
Making my home sing at Moms the Word.


momstheword said...

While I love the summer sun I love it in the 70's. 80's is o.k. but hot and the 90's aren't fun and triple digits are miserable! We don't have air conditioning so you just sweat it out (pun intended).

We rarely have 90's or triple digits, but we do have the 80's and below. As you said, it's nice to have cooler weather.

Thank you for joining Making Your Home Sing Monday!

The dB family said...

Beauty!! It's been nice to enjoy the cooler less humid weather. It's making both my home and me sing!


Persuaded said...

Oh fall! How I love thee!!

And that first picture is just adorable.. what a precious face and such a smile too☺

Braley Mama said...

Hope you allergies go away forever!!! As we are newly in TX, and never felt humidity like this, I am praying for cooler weather. It is only 90 and feels like it is 110. I miss CA's dry heat:O) Oh well, i will just be envious of you :O)

Andrea @ Simple Organized Living said...

I LOVE fall so much...mainly because of the cooler weather!

We don't get much over 90 here in West Mi...but it's SOOOOO humid! Thankfully we have AC.

I too have had a bit more bounce in my step and love sleeping with the windows open and all the covers on (evening temps have been in the 50's!)

Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures. I just had to cut down all my black-eyed susans and sunflowers

Cindy said...

I totally agree. I find I have a spring in my step too.

Love the pictures you shared.

Hope you have a blessed day.

Mrs. Parunak said...

I feel the same way. As August drew on, I was feeling sad that the summer was almost over. But now as the clear crisp Autumn rolls in, I realize how delightful it really is.

Eos Mom said...

I'm jealous of your cooler weather. It's 110 here. :-) But that won't stop me from bringing out my pumpkins and scarecrows later this week. I love fall!

Brandi said...

The weather here has been gorgeous! I LOVE September!

Glad I found your blog...very cute!