Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Officer, there's coffee in my foot..

My mother has this policy that she adopts in her life. It goes something like this:

When I loose my car keys, have a car accident, or completely forget where I am going when I'm going somewhere, THEN I am on overload. These are indicators, honey, that you are doing too much. You need to slow down.

Just because school is in its fourth week, and my husband is on a business trip to CT this week, AND I have a big pilates training session starting tomorrow DOES not necessarily mean that I have reached overload.

Generally, when I reach overload, I end up running out of something basic like CASCADE. Or I end up sewing a sleeve into a leg-hole. Or I just give sewing altogether.

For all practical purposes, I feel like I'm doing pretty well. I think it is because my times with the Lord have been very refreshing and real. So, even though there is a disaster lurking at every available corner, it never actually crashes in. Without the Lord, it seems like it wouldn't take much to collapse a weakling like me.

Whether or not I am under stress or just having a happy-go-lucky kind of day, I generally always speed. When I am in the car, driving the car, that is, my foot goes down the floor and it just stays there until the ride is over.

When other people drive, I go nuts watching how slow they go. I generally accept this as a personality quirk rather than what it really is: breaking the law. (bad, bad, I know! I know!!)

So, today there was the usual amount of coffee in my foot. And wasn't even in a hurry this time.
I was just going kind of happy-go-lucky. I had finished teaching pilates, picked up Hudson from his cello lesson and had a truck full of groceries. I ended up going to a "killer" garage sale that made me sing the hallelujah chorus with its bargains du jour.

Want to know what I found? (this is digression from the regular story, OK?)

In short, BIG beautiful "bodacious" tomatoes from this gal's garden: $.25 a piece. These are the most beautiful tomatoes I've ever seen., and mine were not that great this year.

Also, a FREE dresser for Joanna, and FREE hedge snippers, 4 glasses for $.25/ a piece AND
a Milwaukee SAWZALL for $25.00... WooT! (A Sawzall is what you use to take out walls and such..great for remodeling..) I love power tools.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, I was heading home from all of this glorious shopping and such, and there's a police car with the lights flashing, pulling me over. Apparently, I was going 43 mph. Do you know the part of State Street where everyone goes 60 mph? Yeah, well, I'm here to tell you that it is 30 mph! 30, people. And I do not care how much coffee is in your foot. You will go 30.

So, he issues me a ticket. I signed the ticket. He handed me back my license and insurance and gave me a packet. He told me everything I need to know would be in the packet.

So, I wanted to cry the whole way home. I tried to talk him into a "warning"--apparently they don't do that anymore--especially if you are going 13!! miles over the speed limit.

So, I got home and opened the packet. There were instructions about what to do with your ticket and how to pay it and then you would get your license back. The only problem is--there was NO ticket in the packet. AND I had my license! So, now what? Now what?

I called the department of traffic violations (or whatever it is called) and they had no advice for me. They assumed that it would be mailed to me. They suggested that police officer had a "blonde moment"??

The guy looked like the dude from the old show "CHIPS".. Remember that show? He's not blonde. And I didn't realize it wasn't customary for him to return my license or whatever. (It's not like I get traffic violations every day or anything..)

So, how do I pay a ticket that I don't have before a court date that I don't know? Nevertheless, I do not feel the liberty to do "nothing" about it, just in case he's going to say I was blonde and not him. Any thoughts? What would you guys do?

(other than slow down and stop speeding)

And does your coffee go straight to your foot also?


Becky said...

Call someone else. And then call that person's supervisor. Explain to them in detail that you DO NOT WANT THIS TO COME BACK ON YOU LATER!! Keep calling people. You will eventually bug enough people that someone will find out what to do.
Can you tell something like this has happened to us before? Not with a ticket, but with a tag that wasn't renewed (because the state lost our info) and things like this have a way of cropping up later and causing even more trouble.
You would think they would jump at the chance for someone to pay a ticket, but...
Best of luck!

Eos Mom said...

Of course Becky is right. But you might wait a week and see if it ends up in your mailbox. I would think the "blonde" cop will see that he never pulled your ticket off his pad and he'll send it to you. So in a week if it hasn't shown up, then you can follow Becky's instructions for calling till someone gives you a real answer. Good luck!

sara said...

Is it possible that that was a kind of "wink" and he was actually letting you off with a warning in the only way he was able to?

The dB family said...

I can never remember who was Ponch and who was Jon. I was wondering the same thing as Sara. Hmmmm, otherwise, I'd go with the make lots and lots of phone calls.


Mrs. Parunak said...

I'm going with Becky, too. I think it's the most godly thing to do. At this point, you owe Caesar his "coffee foot" tax, and as a good Christian, you should figure out how to pay it.

And I definitely would have felt like crying all the way home, too.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinkin' he gave you a ticket! He couldn't give a warning, so he just didn't give you a ticket either! Go on your way have your license!

Organizing Mommy said...

Thanks for all of the tips, gals. I called an elder at my church, Kevin. Kevin seems to have a clear head even when everyone else in the world is emotional. So, he suggested calling and asking if a ticket has been issued. They would know that by Friday. That is what I will do. Either a ticket HAS or HAS NOT BEEN issued. I'll try to keep everyone posted, but I hope I remember to call! You guys keep bugging me, OOK???

Ponch was the darker guy. Definetly PONCH was blonding out on me, even though he looked like Eric Eccstraddddddddaaaaaaaa... (well, not really) He looked more like the guy who runs the fruit market at the flea market and does not habla English so well.

Ruby said...

Oh you mean Con the Fruiterer? I thought he was an Aussie invention!
Hope it turns out he lets you off.

Braley Mama said...

Straight to it!
I got a ticket a few months ago. Singing worship in the car always makes me speed"O)

RogersUIO said...

Maybe you should come live by me. I've never heard of anyone getting a speeding ticket here and we all drive as fast as the road allows! :)

Herding Grasshoppers said...


S-L-O-W D-O-W-N!

Do you have any friends who are police officers you could ask? Okay, the wait a week and check your mail is probably going to answer the question, but I tended to think like Sara... he's letting you off with a warning.

But... you don't want this to come back and bite you in the backside later, so ask around.


Lesa's Life said...

Did you call or is it this coming up Friday? Hoping you do not have a ticket...fingers crossed.