Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Totally beyond exhausted..

Last night I came home from our homeschool co-op totally, 110%, bereft-of-any-energy type of exhausted.

In contemplating what I should do with myself in this condition, I decided that:
1) eating dinner
2) taking a shower
3) laying on the bed under a cool fan were the only things I could think of doing at the time.

Something funny happens to me when I get that tired. My mind starts spinning and thinking of everything in the world I could or should be doing. And then there's an onslaught of guilt that follows each one of these ideas.

Why not write a blog post? Because it would sound dumb. You've tried to write things when you are this tired, and then you wonder why you did it.

Why not clean up the kitchen? Yeah. But the kitchen isn't going anywhere, and no one else has eaten yet. It's going to get messy again.

Why not do some laundry? It's not laundry day. Remember that you purposely do it that way so you can rest on Tuesday nights?

Why not call Mom? Does she wanted to be inflicted with you when you are like this?

Until I come to the obvious:

Why not go to bed? Yeah. That's just the best thing for the whole world, isn't it? It's obvious to everyone except me, and now it's obvious to me also.

Can I read my Bible then? Yeah, that's a good idea also. But then it's lights out, OK?


And all of my "selves" go to bed. And we wake up happy the next morning, about 12 hours later.. or so. And it just felt like a few minutes. Yes, I was bushed. That's why we only have co-op once a week. It takes a week to recover from the 8 hours spent in 90 degree heat with 350 kids and their parents.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh yay! I'm not the only one who has conversations like this! I knew you were my long, lost sister ;D

In fact, the boys and I were recently reading the story of Elijah's flight, after the show-down with the prophets of Baal. How he fled until he collapsed and God sent an angel to feed him, and encourage him to REST.

Hope you enjoyed your 12 hours of oblivion,


Ruby said...

LOL! I crash like that after a low key afternoon of home school activities. I think you are very heroic to do an 8 hour stint EVERY week. Good for you.

singtothelord2 said...

good to know that I'm not the only one who goes through all those thoughts. :-)

Mrs. Parunak said...

Delightful as usual. I hope you had a nice, long rest. And now, with your fine inspiration, I think I will go to bed, too.

sara said...

You alright?