Friday, October 15, 2010

Something good

I kind of wanted to write about something interesting, something kind of high brow like. So, I pondered and pondered. nothing. So, like Winnie the Pooh, I tried singing a little hum de dum tee diddle do.. and when that didn't work, I tried blitzing.

Ah, nothing clears the mind like a good blitz. A good family blitz and some fresh cleaning products makes my life special.

And I remembered something funny that happened this week, except it isn't really funny or weird. Here's what happened.

For a while now, we have befriended a young man who recently got saved. Rather than hang out with the unsaved friends at work or the match-making crowd in the mega-churches, he has decided to hang out at our humpty dumpty farm chapel and with our family. Almost every single time I ask "Ryan" if he wants a bite after the meeting, he always says "yes". Now, I'm thrilled because there's always room for one more, and the young man is a great example of going on for the Lord Jesus with an uncommon tenacity. And I am playing the role of a "pseudo-mom" and Will the "pseudo dad".

So, it's only a matter of time before we stop "performing" for our guests and let them see what messes hedgehog families actually make. And then, very gradually, they sort of find themselves helping us with small bits of housework, like the dishes, for example. (Of which Ryan told me that the amount of dishes we had for that evening is about a month's worth for him..)

But never, can I remember, have I actually asked a guest to be a part of the blitz. until Wednesday. I gave in. O.K. if the dude wants to eat here and hang with the family, we might as well have him blitz too, right? So, sure enough, Ryan entered the blitz. He was fantastic. He actually made my boys work harder and faster! I think he likes hanging out with Hud and Than since he brought along his new "mac book pro" to have Than help him get it up and running. And of course, he had to buy Logos to keep up with Will. (Hanging out with the Hedgehog family is expensive, I guess...)

And yes, we belong to the "mac cult", of which my children are officers and recruiting agents. I have no idea or opinions on this issue. I just do what they tell me to do, on the computer they tell me to do it on. I post the pictures they take on the cameras that they use (and they buy).

In fact, I will have no problem wearing Depends some day when my kids tell me it is time. Right now, they haven't had a need to have opinions on that issue, PTL.

For now, though, I still direct the family blitz with whomever is currently on my soil--family, friends, enemies, guests, hedgehogs, or JW's knocking at the door. And that, my friends, is going to down as one of my ONLY claims to fame.

"She who made people work"

"She who made people work hard and fast"

"She who made people work hard and fast and loved every minute of it"

"She blitzed" and then she died. The end.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh, I love it!

My mom always tells people, "You're a guest once, after that..."

sara said...

My friends still talk about the fact that when we were teenagers they couldn't come to my house without being put to work.

Mrs. Parunak said...

I need to learn this skill of yours, making other people work. I could definitely put it to good use around here. :) Do you have any tips for beginners?

Organizing Mommy said...

I think my spiritual gift is "administration", which makes it all too easy to get people doing things. Keep in mind some people make playing the piano seem easy also. I don't do that, for sure.

I would have to work with you face to face if you really want to "catch it", Mrs. P.

For the most part, I overwhelm people, so don't be so quick to want this ability, OK?

Kathryn said...

When i was a part of a "pseudo family," i loved helping with cooking, dishes, cleaning. Made me feel more a part. If i had sat while they did those things, i would have felt like a guest or that my presence was a problem because i kept them from getting things done.

I'm sure he loves that you include him. :)

Anonymous said...

My mom puts guests to work too, and though we tease her about it, I definitely think it makes people feel right at home! =)

Becky said...

I put people to work all the time. Maybe not on the first visit, but at some point, if they eat here enough, they will be doing something.
I even recruit other people's children at church functions. I once had the boys helping wash dishes because they wanted to hang around in the kitchen talking to the girls. When the woman that was in charge of the church kitchen came through to check on things her jaw dropped open and she asked me how I got those boys to wash dishes. I said, "I told them if they were going to hang around in here they were going to work. I guess they didn't believe me, so now they're working."

Organizing Mommy said...