Sunday, October 31, 2010


Tight. It has good, bad, and real meanings. Today I am just talking about boring old muscle tightness.

While trying to figure out why my body is "tight", I went through various situations in my mind and was talking about them outloud. One of our family friends who is an engineer said, "this sounds too much like root-cause analysis"..

Which is precisely what it is--figuring out WHY something hurts and not "just" taking another pill. Although, if you don't take a muscle-relaxant when things are really hurting, those crazy muscles never do relax enough to get better.

But it has to be more than just taking a pill, right? So, I consider my options..

1) Stretching. Yes, of course I like stretching. I teach pilates, right? Is it possible that I can stretch everyone else and forget about my own body?? Yes, it happens all the time. Welcome to the life of a mother, eh?

2) Private class. Yes, I even asked Charlotte to give me a private class where we worked on deep stretching. I felt great, but it started hurting again after a while of sitting.

3) Massage therapy. One of my fellow pilates teachers is a massage therapist. I did a bunch of subbing for her in exchange for a free massage. And yes, she did a great job--unclenching some things.

4) laying low/ icing. Yes, that is what we are doing now. Even if all this stuff is working, the muscle ends are fried and need time to heal.

So, yes, the house is messy, but we are functioning. The deep tissue massage really did help, so I really do recommend it for anyone--but especially if your regular life is pretty crazy.

But I really did not want to have to go through THIS again, thank you very much.

Extreme living produces some crazy results in the neck/ shoulder muscles. Was it the mad dash home and extreme meat thawing blitz? Was it the lifting of the big roaster right after that? Was it driving? Was it sitting? Was it related to teaching/ demonstrating pilates? Was it from crafting? computering? ... what? See? I have no idea.

So, the Lord doesn't have to reveal exactly why things hurt in order to make me know I have to slow down a little. Seems to be my theme song for this time in my life.

So, here we have ONE more week in the life of a blitzing hedgehog. Feel free NOT to imitate my great example or use me as a role model for anything or anyone, except on how not to do things. (Not that anyone would be tempted to do otherwise..just sayin')

And this makes my crazy home sing. Moms the Word/link up.


momstheword said...

I still don't really know just what exactly I did to injure my back five months ago. I am STILL healing!

It hurts every day but not as bad as it did the first few days and weeks (and months), of course. Still, I can't wait for a pain free day, I know it will come eventually (at least I hope so).

My PT gave me stretching exercises as well. I have to admit I did not try the muscle relaxers, I was afraid I'd be a little pile of goooo on the floor. I should try them sometime.

Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

Mrs. Parunak said...

I'm so sorry you're still suffering with this! I'll pray for you to get some relief and maybe some inspiration on how to fix it.

The dB family said...

Ouch! Praying you're felling better again soon.