Friday, November 12, 2010

Just a little help for the hedgehog..

While I was in Batavia yesterday for my pilates training through Inner Elements, we, the students and our teacher, went out to lunch at Panera Bread. We seem to go there every week, and it is such a treat--eating out and all. (At least for me, since my favorite restaurant is four feet from my oven-- i. e. the kitchen table)

But as it is with me, new best friends are always dropping into my life. And yesterday was no exception. I was trying to get my bearings in the restaurant and accidentally thought that this one table was where the rest of my friends were. Instead, it was someone else's table, so I talked to the lady at the mystery table. I also saw her in the restroom later on. She had the coolest hair. It was big and curly, and she didn't look like a hedgehog. So, I told her how cool her hair was. And then I asked her how to do it that way. And she mentioned the name of some product, "It's Aquage by Zano". She might have had more luck speaking in German than saying "Aquawwwszzzzz" to me. So, I said, "Yeah, I'm going to remember aquamassage by Zapo.. when I get home??" She tried to tell me that I would really remember, but I assured her that I wouldn't, and I would never have cool hair like she did."

"So, if you bring the product to Inner Elements, I'll buy some from you." (figuring that she would promptly forget about it)

And wouldn't you know it? About 2 hours later, there's the cute little lady with the non-hedgehog looking hairdo drops into the studio. She had the product in a little baggy.

So, I offered to pay her for it, and she gave it me as a gift! Can you believe it? An entire bottle of this aquassage stuff?????? So, I thought I would just mention her studio here.
Zano Salon in Batavia. And no, she did NOT even know I was a blogger when she gave me the stuff, OK??

And, NO, I have not even had time to tame the hedgehog hairdo of mine and even try it yet, but I will! I am going to be so excited to put this on my hair and get gorgeous, baby.

And the look on my friends at the studio! "Where did you meet this lady?"

"Uh.. somewhere in the restaurant.. maybe the restroom?"

They all just shook their heads.

When I was telling my husband, Will, this crazy story, he said,

"Yeah. They don't know the half of it. Did you tell them that this kind of thing happens ALL the TIME?"

Yeah. Pretty much.


Kathryn said...

My hubby & i both enjoy these kind of encounters. That is why we enjoy living in a small town where these things happen.

The rush & rudeness of the city - all of Orange County CA, as far as i know - gets to me, especially at this time of year.

What a lovely story. I think that because you embrace these things is one of the reasons i so love reading your stories.

Ruby said...

A great encounter! Shall we see some pics of the glamorous hedgehog?

Becky said...

You are such a hoot!
I can't wait to see pics!
BTW, I answered your question on my blog.

Mrs. Parunak said...

So fun! How nice of her to give you a free bottle! I can't wait to find out how you like it.

Anonymous said...

That is so fun! Be sure to take a picture of your hair post-product, okay? Maybe if you can't get it to work, you could go in and she'd show you how to use it. I bet she's kind of hoping to get a new client out of this deal! (Not to downplay her kindness, which was superb!)

And hey - I have a question for about your blog design but can't seem to find your email. Would you please email me at frugalouis at gmail? Thanks so much!

Herding Grasshoppers said...


How fun!

You know, there's a reason that friends drop into your life. You know that, right?

Can't wait to see before and after pics of how your hair does!


Eos Mom said...

Hilarious and awesome story! What a neat lady!

The dB family said...

Cool! Very cool! Can't wait to see pics of your new tamed 'do!