Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The dizzy side of cruising

Anything I write today can not be held against me. The crazy couch is rocking. My body thinks it's still on the ship, my feet think they're in the midwest, and my head is orbiting somewhere in between.

I made a decision (not a very informed decision) to use the "seasick patch" for this cruise. It is called the transderm-scop, and it is far more powerful than it looks.

Let's just say this. The seas were rough, very rough for what most people expect for a Caribbean cruise, and I did not feel any seasickness with the patch. In that sense, it really works. But it is not for children or elderly or anyone who is sensitive to medication. The side effects can be very scary--including hallucinations, dizziness, disorientation etc.

I did not feel those side effects while wearing the patch. But now that I am home... I feel tired, weak and dizzy. I have been sleeping quite a bit, and I am (minimally) functional. I was able to complete the laundry but not much beyond that. Today I am supposed to teach pilates at the Y, but I'm not sure how I'm going to pull that off. I think I'll have Joanna drive ??

So, pray for me. The patch was removed on Saturday night, and it is Wednesday. I would think things should start to level out soon. But I am trusting the Lord that this too shall pass. Has anyone else ever experienced this?

--head in a fog, your wanna-be hedgehog--


Laura Angelika said...

Oh wow! Good to know about the seasickness patch!

My prayers are with you for a quick recovery - all the best!

Kathryn said...

Wow. What an extreme reaction.

I'm one of those folks who can't tolerate meds at all. I've found ginger quite effective for motion sickness, but i know others don't have the same results.

Hope you feel better soon!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Glad the patch worked for you.. I've used it too :D Didn't have the after-effects, but then, I was in my 20s. *sigh*

I think rest will help. Do you hear me? Rest?! ;D


Mrs. Parunak said...

Yikes, that is some crazy stuff! I think you just talked me out of ever wanting to go on a cruise. I am extremely prone to motion sickness, and the after effects (not to mention the side effects) of that patch sound almost as bad. I'll pray for you to feel better quickly!