Monday, December 20, 2010

Frugal Fashionistas

There are two noteworthy fashionista bargain finds worth mentioning. This denim shirt/ jumper is one of the coolest bargains to date.

Specs: Liz Claiborne, tags on $70.00 new/--- Can you guess?? $14.99 Goodwill.

Also: top underneath--$1.50/ tank top. Jewelry made by Jo-Snazz, pants? can't remember/ probably Goodwill from a few years ago.
But here's something better. Sara, our guest who left this afternoon, is sporting a new hat, fingerless gloves and a scarf.
They were all made from a sweater.. The sweater cost $4.99. It was a beautiful mohair, rabbit fur, cashmere blend.
A gorgeous green color..
for a darling little gal..
Two "sisters" in the Lord--saying their last good-byes..
Until we meet again, little Sara.
It's been fun dressing up with you, Sara!


Mrs. Parunak said...

And I assume that you had something to do with Sara's beautiful accessories. The scarf looks like it was made from the ribbing of the sweater, but how did you make the fingerless gloves and hat? Did you felt the sweater and then just cut it up and sew?

The dB family said...

Beautiful! I love your top and Sara's accessories. That green is stunning on her!


Organizing Mommy said...

Mrs. P: Yes, I had something to do with her accessories. Yes, I felted the sweater, cut them up and sewed them together.. The fingerless gloves are from the sleeves. The scarf is the bottom ribbing, and the hat is cut out from the main body of the sweater. Not too hard, actually.

Debra said...

I'm impressed!
You just got yourself a new follower on Google.
Hope you'll swing by and visit me too.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

You've been having some crazy-fun times lately! And so creatively clever, too!

I just don't find such awesome deals at our thrift stores. But I keep looking...


Kelly L said...

A new salvation army store opened up a couple of months ago and I am having a blast going through the potential treasures..

Merry Christmas to you!
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