Saturday, December 11, 2010

Getting ready for "the day".

If you want to celebrate all that normally happens at this time of year, and enjoy it with a clear conscience, do not inform yourself.

That's right. It's best not to think about it all, and just put up the decorations, the general stuff and party on.. I made the (unplanned) mistake of researching things a few years ago..

But let's just say this. If the essence of any good thing is loving God and loving people, there should be freedom in the way we do these things, right? Rather than get all tangled up in it, we refer to it as "that holiday". It's a holiday that means so much to so many people that seems irreverent to disregard it altogether. So, we have our own little way of dealing with the issues around here. We attempt to honor and love our family by doing what they expect--gift giving.

If your way of loving your family is to give them gifts.. and it happens to be at this time of year.. who am I to say that is wrong? I've been working on some things, and I have no idea if I'll get them done before "the day"..

My kids are just as bad as I am--only 10 times worse. They want to make gifts for everyone--knitting, sewing, photography, jewelry making--just to name a few.

I am going a much simpler route this year--like making calendars through Shutterfly, for example. It has a creative flair without the undo sewing and time factor involved.

Last year I made about a million pairs of slippers, except when I happened to be making hats.
Who knows? I probably will end up doing it again, but I really hate sewing with a time constraint, you know?

Sewing under pressure.. sounds like a explosion waiting to happen. I've had similar friends who have things to say about sewing.

"I can't sew in public.."

"Sewing brings out my inner sailor"

"Sewing brings out my inner truck driver"

and other fine thoughts. So why are we so surprised when we find this time of year to be stressful?? With all of these seemingly normal women who wake up and find themselves behind the controls of an 18 wheeler... or the scullery of a barge? No wonder tensions are high in the craft stores these days..

So, I generally opt for the gift card thing. Or my own children's favorite gift: "lettuce"--as they call it. It's green and crunchy in their pockets until they spend it.

Yes, I am the queen of all things sentimental, as you know.. "Here's your cash. Feel free to go spending after the holidays.."

In contrast, my mother. My mother lives to give gifts. sentimental gifts, no less. She spends hours finding, arranging, adding to the collection of sentimental gifts all year.

So, I do not care how you feel about reindeer, Santa or Saturnalia, it is a crime to not let a perfectly sentimental grandmother "do her thing" at this time of year. So, really I love my mother my allowing her this pleasure. And she really DOES give wonderful gifts.

I would rather get rid of clutter than turn down my mother's gifts. She has just the knack of what to get and for whom. She requires nothing other than a thank-you, even though we always find something to give to her also.

So, yeah. Let's recap here. These are the main thoughts.

1. Even if you do not want to be pagan about things, giving gifts is a good thing, especially if someone you love is really into it.

2. If sewing brings out your inner ghetto girl, gift cards are a nice option.

3. Accepting gifts is also part of loving someone, so feel free to let them give you things.

4. The hedgehog is on a roll.


MommaMindy said...

I have a friend who calls her serger her "cussbox." I'm sewing pajamas and matching Build-A-Bear pj's from a pattern adapted from Cabbage Patch. I have given myself permission to not have to make them perfect, and maybe not finish them for Christmas. Opting for no stress.

Herding Grasshoppers said...


I enjoy sewing (quilts, anyway) but a deadline takes all the fun out of it.

Hurray for gift cards ;D


Mrs. Parunak said...

Great thoughts. And especially timely for me right now while my husband and I are trying to figure out what we want to do about "that day."

The dB family said...

I'm opting for the gift cards :oD! Maybe I'll so after Christmas and can better practice restraint.