Monday, January 3, 2011

Why? I'm not even sure.

I seem take sweeping pendulum swings between the completely serious and fabulously insane.

Is this the mark of a schitzophrenic? or just a desperate housewife? not sure.

Last week my husband announced that he was buying me a new cell phone.

"But what's wrong with this one?"

Him: "You never answer it.."

Me: "Well, I never hear it. It doesn't ring loud enough or something."

Him: "So, we're going to get one with better reception. And would you text me if I got you one with texting?"

Me: "Huh? I thought you didn't want me to text."

Him: "When did I say that?"

Me: " A few years ago, the kids texted me when we were at Disneyworld, and you said, that costs money, you know. So, I figured you didn't want me to text.

Him: "Well, I don't remember that, and do you think you could learn to text?"

Me: "I guess I could try.. but I don't even know people who text, except for like.. Debbie and Beth.. and there's Carey and Charlotte.."

Him: "I wasn't asking you to develop an entire social network of texting friends. All I want you to do is answer my texts.."

Why do I make everything so complicated??

Me: "Oh, yeah.. sure. I could try. Have someone give me a lesson"

So, Jamie sits down and explains T-9. T-9 is a language for people who do not speak English.

After fiddling around with this thing for a long time, I just wanted to write this: "This is a test" and send it.

Some how managed to get "This" and then "hr" for "is".. There is no way to write "is"..

So, what am I supposed to do send "This hr." ??

So, I turned off T-9, the language for martians who have a loose understanding of the English language, and managed to manually write something and send it to my husband. I'm pretty sure it was something profound like, "Heading to Walmart".

And so he replies, "Thanks Jo."

Jo? This is not Jo. Jo is your 16 year old daughter. This is your very hip, texting, hot-chic of a wife... (I didn't write all of that..) But really.

"Jo is driving. It is I." is what I actually sent.

But really. Do you guys like texting? I have BIG thumbs. Why would I want to squash them around a non-keyboard, anyway? This is not literature. This is not communication. What is it?

And no, I do not emit or receive endorphins by texting. That is for other activities and chocolate. Dark chocolate, for example. If you do not have other activities (like cleaning the lint out of the dryer--which happens to be personal fave) or chocolate, you should watch Rhett and Link. It's always good for endorphins.

And why another RHETT and LINK video anyway? not sure. This one in particular makes me giggle.


Mrs. Parunak said...

LOL! I do like to text my hubby. It works great when he's in meetings and can't talk on the phone. I have an iPhone, though, which corrects my silly, big-thumbed spelling errors (sometimes, it gets things wrong, but mostly it works).

And gotta love Rhett and Link.

Ruby said...

I text! Wow, I must be so up with things :-) I like the speed and contact for collecting children etc but I do not use abbreviations. I use the dictionary which will sometimes send the wrong word if I don't double check. eg home/ good has caused some humorous mixups!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I'm so lame I don't even have a cel phone. *sigh* I can borrow Kerry's if I really need one, but I'm just not feeling the need very often ;D

I think I like to get AWAY from the phone!

Becky said...

I don't like to text. I figure if someone is doing something where they can't pick up a phone and talk to me, they probably shouldn't be texting either. You know - maybe their boss wants them to pay attention to their job, or some such non-sense as that. I will text on occasion, but I hate text slang and the fact that you have to move heaven and earth to capitalize anything that's not at the begining of a sentence. And don't get me started on the 85 puctuation symbols they stick at #1, while 0 has it and a plus sign.

Jenny P. said...

I'm a text junkie. Not nearly as bad as when I was in college (and my parents paid the bill, ahem), but it is still the only way to get ahold of some of my friends. I tried T-9 once and got nothing but jibberish -- I just type everything letter by letter. It works better. I'm not sure why I love texting so much, but I really do prefer it.

We actually only have cell phones in our family, no land-line. Didn't make sense when I was moving all the time (9 places since 2005), and I doubt we'll change now that we bought a house.