Thursday, February 17, 2011

Seriously? Facebook envy..?

Among the other things that I had to do yesterday, I managed to listen to Moody radio for several hours. There's so many wonderful things on there all day long.

For example, I was listening to this show called "Mid-day Connection" which highlighted a book written about how to deal with your mother being a narcissist. I was half surprised that my kids weren't frantically copying down the web address and ordering the book.

But then, they have excellent coping strategies, developed after years of experience.

The next program was "Chris Fabry Live" which discussed another book written about facebook envy.

Now, don't get me wrong, but either all my facebook friends and I are all loosers OR we all seem to have pretty healthy self esteem. or both.

I should start a FB group "the well-contented loosers" and have everyone put "like" at the end of it. Instead of "loosers"; I think we'll opt for "unimpressive people" or "slightly below average" (got that one from Garrison Keilor) !

The typical FB entry of my "friends" is something like this:

"All the kids are sick again"


"Can you believe the gas prices are $3.14.."

or (my personal fav) when my own children FB with each other,

"You left towels all over the bathroom floor, and we need more Old Spice body wash"

Really? For the world to see, eh? Lay it all out there, boys. It's not like there's any girls reading this junk. Maybe they will pity you and send you a life-time supply of Old Spice.

Despite the random nonsense of knowing the gas prices, and that kids are sick and the need for male fru-frus, there are a few types of posts that put people over the edge.

"Hubby is taking me out to dinner for our 23rd anniversary"..

I suppose if you just lost your husband, or never had one in the first place, or your man is such a dud that he can't remember when the anniversary is or that is supposed to take you out for it, reading this type of information could be a source of contention for you.

All of these situations are sad, but situations of discontent need to be dealt with a head-on approach.

Is someone else's gain or happiness that is making you feel discontent? It's just highlighting things that are deep in your heart. Envy. Anger. Greed. Lust. the basics, you know?

And don't get me wrong. I am not immune to an occasional real life envy. Generally, if I take the bull by the horns and really examine what is going on, it usually reveals some form of idolatry in my heart. Wasn't there something somewhere that condemned idolatry?

So whether it is on facebook, twitter, blogs, or IRL interactions, we need to examine why we feel the way we do and deal with it. My engineer-husband would probably call this "root-cause analysis". I think you'll be able to deal with all forms of envy, even if you do not have contented (unimpressive people) for (faceboook) friends.


Kathi said...

I must be part of the unimpressive, contented majority, but I love fb and blogging and think it's great that we can "rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep!" It's good!

Becky said...

Facebook envy huh?
Those are probably the type of people that used to just get all down in the mouth because their neighbor seemed to "have it all" - you know, the envy of the "Joneses".
New era, new vechicle for envy. Perhaps if they quit focusing on themselves and put their energy elsewhere they would actually start to feel better about themselves.

Mrs. Parunak said...

Thanks for making me smile!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

What about facebook "info-overload".

I tried facebook and didn't last 24 hours. All these inane messages kept appearing.

Do people really think I care if their dog is trying a new kind of dogfood? Or their little princess is wearing yellow polka-dotted hair ribbons?

And that was the people I actually like (in real life).

Oy. I couldn't take it!

And you know, I'm pretty happy to hear about good things happening to others :D (And don't bother reading the bloggers that are just too dang perfect!!!)

Happy weekend,