Monday, March 14, 2011

Mittens, birds, and chaos.

I'm a flash-in-the-pan kind of blogger these days.  Someone has found a post that I wrote a million years ago about making mittens, and now I have four comments about asking instruction on mitten-making techniques. I  will try to answer the mitten-instructions as soon as my brain gets back, but it's been a bird-poop kind of weekend.  So, my goal is to post an update on making mittens by the end of the week, for those of you who are asking about it.

So, what is a "bird poop" weekend? Sounds exciting, eh?  Where can I sign up?  It all started Wednesday night when my dear husband decided to pull an all-nighter in order to get his other responsibilities in line in order to take most of our kids to the Robotics regional competition in Milwaukee early the next morning.

The combination of being worried about the state of health of my husband and having two sick kids at home probably put my brain in a state of poor decision-making.  I was trying to decide if I should try to make it to Batavia for pilates or not.  I asked a friend to watch the kids, and I left Friday morning for my usual Friday routine.

I should have known that when I had to scrape the windshield on the outside AND the inside for over 20 minutes that this was going to be a hard day.  But I kept on.  I did pray, and I kept going.

About 3/4 of the way there, a large un-identified "blop" landed straight down on the center of my windshield.  Bird poop?  maybe.. perhaps an ostritch?  a pteradactyl? The size of this mass was enormous.  It made me wonder if someone's dog was riding on the back of the car roof and let one fly.

I literally had to pull over at a gas station and use (several) paper towels to get it off.  Then I proceeded to scrub the windshield for what seemed like five minutes.  And yet I KEPT going.

I won't go into the drama of what happened for the rest of the day, but let's just say that the day ended with me begging my husband to come home that night.

With him home, I felt MUCH better, and I volunteered to go and pick up the kids from Milwaukee the next day.  So, Emily and I were all decked out in "robotics" gear from head to toe.  We were so cute and coordinated--grey and green--with buttons, pins, T-shirts, sweatshirts, matching scarf and sweater.  I was feeling like a real robotics mommy and ready to get in the action.  Go team 2039!

So, we set out for Milwaukee--around 2 hours to get there--perfect! We'll get there for lunch, watch a match or two, get back in the car with enough time to get Hudson to the Coronado for his cello concert.. perfect, right?

So, half way there, we stop for a potty/ food break and realize (as we are trying to pay) that the funds were low.  On second thought, who needs that icky food anyway, eh?  Jump back into the car and head into the city.  Except there's construction. and detours. and more construction.  and more detours.

And now, without food, money or sense of direction, I called my dear husband.

"I am lost.  I have no idea where I am, and I can't get back on the highway.  I think I will just live the rest of my life in Milwaukee because there's no way out."

Thankfully, he was able to transfer funds so we could have lunch! and then talk me out of the snarl over the phone.  He does this so patiently, you know?  Wouldn't any normal guy kill his woman at this point?

So, an hour later, I pull up the Cellular Arena and out walks Joanna and Hudson at the very same time.

So, instead of eating lunch and watching more robotics, we just piled everyone into the car and went back home.  Thankfully, my son, Jamie was there to drive us home.

And then Jamie brought Hud to the Coronado and back home again, and I vegged out on the couch.  I took a picture of myself at the end of the day, just to see if I looked at worn out as I thought I did.

And then I couldn't handle not smiling, you know?  My mother always says, "you look so pretty when you smile", so I smiled for my mother.  And I figured, what's the big deal anyway?  Nobody died, and everyone is fine.  I did not have to spend the rest of my life in Milwaukee even.  Imagine that.


Becky said...

Your husband sounds like a real gem.
I love your realness. Bird-poop day. I'll HAVE to use that sometime. :D

Mrs. Santos said...

What a fun read and a great perspective! Who'da thought that a bird poop day would be such an encouragement to others? Thank you for sharing and you do have a beautiful smile.

Mrs. Santos said...

how do you spell "hooda"? (who would have) :)

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Wow. Two chaos posts in a row!

Isn't it good to be home on the couch?! Hurray for your DH and the way your kids pulled together :D

Mrs. Parunak said...

I am so glad you made it home safely and did not have to spend the rest of your life in Milwaukee. Hurray for your fabulous husband. And thanks for the fun read.