Wednesday, May 4, 2011

One of my favorite remedies..

I'm not one of those herbalist mamas who knows every treatment for every ailment.  But I do love and cherish their advice.  But if I come across something, it is usually from an accidental conversation with a perfect stranger.  So, consider your source.  But this was something that really has been a good thing.

I was out sightseeing in Thailand.  There were a bunch of us ladies whose husbands were associated with the Airbus (A-320) symposium in Bangkok--2008, I think.  Anyway, maybe some of you have done this tour of the floating market?  You get on these fast boats and go through a million little villages until you reach a floating market. We found everything from alligator skinned ukeleles, to peacock feathers to mumu dresses.  And just when I thought I was done shopping, someone attacked me with this stuff.  Two tiny little bottles for only 4baht? or something like that.  This lady was rubbing it on my temples.  I think I officially went into a trance.  (As if Bangkok itself doesn't do that to you..) 

Nevertheless, the little bottles of "Tiger Balm" as they call it, really do work.  I use it to clear my sinuses.  

Now be careful, though.  You do NOT want to put this in your nose or too close to your eyes.  It is very powerful.  The closest I can get it to my nose is on the cheeks or forehead, and even that makes my eyes water.  It's just a very powerful ointment that they say helps muscle soreness.  I use it for colds.  I still have my two little bottles, and we haven't run out of them yet.  Although, someday I may have to either 1) go back to Thailand or 2) order some more. So, I put up a web address for ordering some.  I am also thinking about checking out my local Asian market. So, if you want to order your own, Tiger balm can be found here

Maybe I'll use the excuse of lack of Tiger balm to go back to Thailand.  And then, of course who is to stop me from the great massage, thai food, and thai silk? (and the lively taxi rides!)


MommaMindy said...

You shoulda' rubbed some on your computer screen to make this blog scratch-n'-sniff, cuz I need my sinuses cleared.

Thanks for the tip...I loved picturing a Thai lady jabbering at you and rubbing that stuff on your temples...:)

Mrs. Parunak said...

I've known about Tiger Balm for muscle aches for years, but I never even thought of using it to clear sinuses. I bet it works great. Thanks for the tip!

Jen's Busy Days said...

I rub Vicks Vapour Rub on my feet at night to clear my sinuses. My grandma suggested it. I wonder if Tiger Balm would work the same.

Both are readily available here in Australia.

Best wishes
Jen in Oz