Monday, May 30, 2011

Two weeks of vacation is almost over..

Here I am kissing the Sphinx. 
Goodbye Egypt; it was fun.  What??  I didn't tell you I was going to Cairo??  Well, to tell you the truth, I wasn't even sure where I was going before I got on the boat.

So, we are back from our Mediterranean cruise.  We are still in Italy, as I am writing this.  But the internet was about a $100.00 an hour on the cruise ship, so I do not think I could budget internet time. 

In short, this is where we were:  Rome, Egypt (Alexandria, Cairo), Greek Isle (Khios), Turkey (Istanbul and Kudashi/ Ephesus, Greece: Athens, Corinth, and lastly: Italy again (Naples, Mt.  Vesuvius, Pompeii) 

So, now I have go and have some more fun in Italy.  I'll be writing a lot soon!! 


Herding Grasshoppers said...


(I think I'm breaking at least two commandments.)

Happy for you,


Kathi said...

Wow! Can't wait to hear all you saw and did! Alan and I went on a cruise that covered most of the same places (except Turkey) several years ago. It was truly a highlight in our travel experiences. I will await more info eagerly!!

Ruby said...

(Did anyone say that yet?)
What a fabulous trip!

Mrs. Parunak said...

That sounds totally incredible. What a great trip...and, dare I say it? WOW!