Saturday, June 4, 2011

I should be organizing, but..

Here I am sitting in my living room, wanting desperately to enjoy life and feeling the pull of the basement clutter coming to choke me around the neck.  Seriously, stuff makes me nervous.  So, I did a half-mast organizing job on the upstairs, though and that is about all I am going to do.

So, what's a half-mast job look like?  It looks pretty good, but it is not at all kosher.  Basically, you dump the contents of whatever is bothering you out on the floor and reduce it two piles.  Pile number one is everything you want to keep in this space.  Pile number two is everything else.  Everything else is a combination of stuff to save, trash, and UFOs.  Pile number two is a great big indecisive pile.

Then pile number two goes into a paper bag into another room.  Pile two is a project for another day.

Yeah. impressive. I know.

And then you go outside and have a water balloon fight and promptly forget about the piles, both good and bad.  Because this is summer, and I need a life, already.

See? Isn't that awesome?  I need to write a book or something an somehow copyright my awesomeness.

And why am I writing about organizing INSTEAD of writing about my trip?  I promised a trip post or two.  My bad.  Have you ever left town and kept your five children at home (without another adult there?) ??  yeah.

So, of course, the house was still standing.  But beyond that...  

So, there's nothing like a couple of piles of grunge and clutter to inspire a massive organizing blitz.  Except that it's about the heat and the humidity that has descended on our environs.

Do you remember last year when I was complaining (almost non-stop) about the heat and humidity??  So, know how much I love it, eh?

But, we are about to embark on the busiest summer in a long time.  In fact, our beloved summer Orchestra (NICYO) is probably not going to included in our busy schedule this year.. :((

And.. despite the fact that I rarely even write about organizing, let alone do it anymore, I am going to be doing some part-time professional organizing soon.  I didn't apply for the job; they just found me.  I don't even tell people that I do this because... like.. who has time to work??  But they made me an offer I can not refuse.  I can work as few or as many hours as I want on any kind of schedule I want.  How can you beat that?

Also, I love a good party.  And that is good, because we are going to all of them this year.  All of our friends, our friends' kids and our kids' friends are having parties for some reason or another: Graduations,  birthdays, or weddings are the top parties.  We only have three this weekend.

And Hud is taking driver's ed now.  So, we'll be launching our third driver.  Thankfully, he got all B's or above in his classes or he'd still be riding his bike. And I am not kidding.  And "Hudrielli" as he currently calls himself, is taking cello this summer again, probably a summer camp also.

And then I have this friend in Wisconsin who wants ALL of our kids to come and spend two weeks with her to have them be a video that she is making.  On what? I don't know.  But, of course, they want to do that.  Don't blame me if they become famous or something.  I just serve lunch around here.

Of  course I want to teach pilates again.  Teaching pilates is one of the only things that gets my tush to the gym and other locations like Hamilton Sundstrand and Inner Elements and maybe at some church in Rockford--working with homeschooling mommies.  (I have a special burden for my fellow homeschooling mommies because everything in the universe works against your fitness goals when you are in this stage of life!)

Joanna is planning her 17th on the 17th birthday party, which will actually be on the 19th.  She's hoping to attend a Christian photography camp in Portland in August, AND go to Wisconsin for two weeks AND corn detassle, etc.  And it wouldn't bother me if she actually figured out what she would like to do after high school??

Jamie is working full time at Hamilton Sundstrand as a co-op.  Other than attending a Bible conference called "Vessels of Honor", he doesn't really have a life.  That sounds bad.  O.K.  He has a life, but I'm not sure what he is doing other than working, hanging out with the family and going to the gym.  I suppose that is enough.

Nathanael is planning to corn detassle and go to Wisconsin, but his summer is looking pretty relaxed so far.  He did help me plant some of my garden this year, which I am so thankful for.  While we were gone on our vacation, I kept wondering how on earth I was going to put in a garden.  So, I am thankful for the free tomato plants and a worker to put them in!

Emily has a one track mind.  All she wants to do is go to Magic Waters--a nearby waterpark.  And I'll be honest, I love that place too! Yeah for the wave pool!

So, now that I've gotten all of that off my chest, I think I'll relax and go organize something. LOL.


Anonymous said...

I am exhausted just reading this. I want to be a small apart of this chaos. Turn down the heat and humidity tho:-). The 2 pile idea makes your mother very nervous. What about the zero pile? I thought that was your goal to de- clutter and summer purge! I am praying for release!
I love you! Mom

Organizing Mommy said...

Do you guys like that? I am being put in my place by my mother. on my own blog, even. LOL.

nitalinb said...

Yeah, I like that.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

How do you have TIME to organize? It would take me all week just to begin to organize your CALENDAR!

Glad you're back :D


Jane said...

HI There,
I'm glad you met my mother while on the cruise :) I'll let her know your blog address so she can keep in touch!

:) Jane

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. Webber,
This is Jessica from the Mediterranean cruise. I love your blog and wanted to let you know how blessed I was to meet you and your husband. You are an amazing woman and I don't see how you do all that you do! Keep in touch! :) My e-mail is if you want to look me up on FB or something

Mrs. Parunak said...

OK, I'm going to show that I'm not a native Midwesterner, but what on earth is "corn detassel?"

And you are crazy busy, but somehow I know you are totally up to the challenge.

Organizing Mommy said...

Mrs. P: I'm not really sure what the kids are doing with the tassles of the corn stalk, but somehow they have to remove them so they will not cross pollinate. It's a crazy job, but someone has to do it.