Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weeds in my garden: finding your hibiscus

Here, on the outskirts of Rockford, IL, we live on good rich farm soil.
Around here, planting time is about mid May.  And I even got a few of my perennials transplanted before we left on our trip, but that was all I was able to do!  

And  today.. Oh today.  Things grow!  I have things growing (that have no identifiable origin) that are 6 feet tall.  The area around my compost pile is so big that I can't even find it.  Bionic weeds.  There are small forest creatures making their home in my garden, I think.

So, the only redeeming value of my outdoor life is what I call "the side garden".  It is where we dug up the septic tank two years ago and rather than replant grass, I decided to make a garden.  Not being overly sure if planting over the septic line was a fantastic idea or not, I decided to plant flowers instead of food this year.  And that area is doing quite well.  I am enjoying it and trying to rescue whatever I can find and put it over there.

But one of the challenges that I am facing is this.  I had many many perennials down in the weed patch that I really would like to rescue.  I know they are down there because I planted them.  Right now, the only thing that seems obvious is a small hibiscus. Despite the weeds and nonsense down there, this pretty little hibiscus is doing well--even better than it did last year at this time.  And I will probably dig that up and rescue it today.

But it is impossible for me to get down in the garden without some high brow thoughts. I'm convinced that God made gardening for the sole purpose of bringing not just plants, but high brow thoughts to the surface.

My weed patch is like the sea of available young people.  In this case, let us call it--all the available young ladies that a potential young man could choose for a wife.  (Many of you have sons, so perhaps you can relate to these thoughts.  I have three teenage boys and one who is like a son, so this analogy works for me at this time in my life)

So, a young man starts looking around.  He sees a garden full of growing things.  Wow! There are a lot of girls out there, and some are quite impressive.  These big ones in the back are healthy and strong.  They attract all of his attention by their obvious qualities.  How could you miss them?  They have interesting things growing at all angles! They all hang back by the fence together.  They look important.  In their quest of getting to the big things, they trample right over the smaller, less impressive plants.

Little do they realize that those big things back there are weeds.  They are just sucking all of the life out of the good soil.  They will never produce fruit or flowers.

But I know, because I am the gardener, that there are one, if not two healthy hibiscus plants down there, along with a few lilies.  When these plants reach their full bloom, they are are some of the most beautiful plants in the garden.  In fact, I plan to rescue them today. One of them is sitting right on outside of the garden, so that will be easy to find.  But the other one, is deep into the garden.  I will need to cut a path through in order to get it.

If an unimpressive gardener like me, knows her plants, how much more does the gardener of heaven know his?  Blessed is the (young) man who finds his hibiscus--whether he sees it right away or has to travel through some hardships to get it.  Don't be sidetracked by the weeds, boys.  God has something better in store for you.

And if you have found your hibiscus, take care of it.  It will give you pretty flowers all the days of your life.


Becky said...

I also think gardens are a great place for God to teach us.
Your thoughts are wonderful. I think this could be used for boys or girls. Girls, at least mine, may not be as proactive in searching for a spouse, but they can still learn from the example of overlooking quality, in favor of showiness.

Herding Grasshoppers said...


Though I am cracking up at " These big ones in the back are healthy and strong. They attract all of his attention by their obvious qualities. How could you miss them? They have interesting things growing at all angles! "

So often the weeds attract the attention. Gotta train those boys of ours to hunt for the hibiscus.


Kathi said...

This is brilliant, so I'm sure it was inspired by our dear Teacher, the Holy Spirit! I was smiling through the whole thing...thinking about how much I love gardening and how it frustrates me, how many lessons I've learned about life from gardening...about having 6 sons who've had to search and search for their beautiful hibiscus bushes...

Yes, may all young men be discerning about looking for the true flowers among the impressive weeds of this world! And, I hope that I am a "good" flower who responds well to pruning so that I can produce good fruit for my Lord!

Mrs. Parunak said...

GREAT analogy!

Adina said...

Wonderful thoughts! Thanks for sharing!