Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Workin' hard

I grew up in the land of hard working people.  It was just part of the survival culture.  In the U.P. of Michigan (Upper Peninsula--that section connected to Canada and Wisconsin)..  there is a spirit that commemorates the land and the people--hard work.

It might have something to do with the harsh winters,  or the bird-sized mosquitos, or the Scandinavian heritage, or the iron mining tradition, the pasties or even the sauna.  Whatever the origin, the fact of the matter is this--if you don't like manual labor of some sort, you probably won't survive long up there.

Even the lawyers and doctors have to weather the living conditions or else why would they live there?

So, you learn it. You cut wood because there's trees that need to be cut. You stack the wood because there's cut wood laying around.  You haul the wood to the fireplace because there's stacked wood.  And you burn the wood because it's cold.  See?  It all works together.

And that might be why I love hard work.  I love working hard.

Don't get me wrong.  I have my lazy moments, like yesterday for example.  It was so hot, I just barely wanted to do anything.  But I put the laundry away and made dinner.  And watered the flowers and threw myself under the hose because I could.

And blitzing.  I have to blitz.  I have a hard time getting started sometimes, so I have to jumpstart myself with a blitz.  It always works.  I work hard for one hour, and suddenly I've snapped out of it enough to work hard for the rest of the day.

So, the crazy thing is this: very few people work hard anymore, you know?  As we say up north "give er" Not really sure where the expression "give er"  or "give her" came from but it is a verb.

  "We're gonna  give 'er, til we're done."

And that's just the way it is.

So, yesterday I was working on something.  And I had been working at it for a while and I was trying to decide when I should quit and then I had this thought:

"I'm going work until I stink"

There.  How's that for sweet, feminine and gentle-spirited?

So, when I got home from the work that I was doing (it was outside the home), I told my mother how I was going to gauge how long I worked.

"So, I just decided to work until I stink"

And she replied,  "Some people wouldn't have to work very hard then.."

yeah.  never thought of that.

But I was wearing deodorant.  Old Spice, even.  So, like... I worked 4.5 hours until I stunk.

Some people work hard until the job is done.  Some people work hard til it "aint" no fun.

Some people work until the going down of the sun..  But not me.. I work until people run..

away from me cuz I stink.  



The dB family said...

In this heat -- even with a shower and deodorant on, it doesn't take me long and I stink. Guess I'll just have to lounge around ;o).


Mrs. Parunak said...

Haha! Love your little poem!

Becky said...

Yeah - I can understand the work 'til you stink thing. The problem today, as you've already hit on, is that most people just stink at working. If it's hard, or even just if they think they aren't going to enjoy it, they don't want to do it.
It's a sad state of affairs. I guess all we can do is make sure our own kids know how to work, and hope someone else out there makes their's do it too. And of course, shamelessly berate any of our lazy relatives - or better yet their lazy kids. I've done that myself.

Kathi said...

What can I say? You always make me laugh, but I'm nodding my head while I do. I love you, Kiddo!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Right on! Work until we stink!
With a house full of boys, that will work for us!

sara said...

My favorite part is the little poem at the end.