Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A "prophetic" dream? or just a..

So, I'm having this dream and it is very real.

The dream goes something like this.  In the dream I am asleep, except I am in that groggy state where I am almost awake and I've just realized that I have eaten my debit card, my credit card, and my driver's license. I am about to eat the checkbook and the taste of the paper was awful and I try to spit it out. 

In the dream I contemplate trying to get the stuff up but realize that it's no use.  I've already eaten it and there's not much left to do except spit the remaining check out of my mouth.  And while I'm trying to figure out if I should eat more credit cards or just sit there, a strange sense of relief comes over me and I realize that I don't need those things anyway.  

So, that's the dream.

My first thought was that I have pika--you know where you crave the ashes from the fireplace and leftover spoons.

When I gave this interpretation to my mother, she said, "no, you don't have pika; you have goata"


Yeah, you know.. "goat-a" like a goat.  They eat everything in sight--even credit cards and stuff.

Or maybe I just ate a spider or a moth or something and that was the thing that felt like the checkbook.

And then I realized that in my dreams, I'm always eating something I shouldn't be eating.  Not like chocolate or donuts.  But in my dreams, I tend to eat stuff that isn't food.  But this dream kind of hit me hard, and I was even half-way surprised to find everything still in my wallet when I got up.

So, give me your interpretations, and goat-a has already been taken.  And after you give me all of your thoughts, I tell you what our friend, Michael said.  And he is all about this kind of stuff--dreams, interpretations, visions, etc.  In fact, I won't be half surprised if my dream will be the subject of his next sermon or devotional. Because it is THAT interesting.

So, calling all prophets, creative thinkers, and the wise counselors of Babylon (and beyond).. Where is Daniel when you need him?


Becky said...

I'm no Daniel, and I'm not generally inclined to grant much signifigance to dreams, but I'll go out on a limb here and suggest that perhaps it's your subconscious mind trying to encourage you to curb your spending habits.
However I may be way off base. It's quite possible that you are incredibly thrifty and it's your subconscious mind's attempt to get you to internalize the thought of consuming money. Perhaps a wishful part of yourself that wants to be able to spend money and not feel guilty about it. There are certainly times my fully conscious mind wishes that. :D
See - maybe I shouldn't try to attach any real logic to the unconscious mind. There is the chance that you're right on target with that moth thing. There are plenty of times I find out that a sound, that appears to be one thing in my dream is really something going on somewhere in the house. But if I were you I'd rather try to attach some kind of importance to it that to think that it was my mind's best effort to explain eating wandering moths while I sleep.

Becky said...

Did I really spell significance that way. Wow - sorry.

sara said...

Like Becky, I was going to suggest that maybe you've been over-spending lately? Or maybe you're worried about the economy?